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Meaning and Etymology Of Bible Names (Dictionary Of Bible Names)

Note:—It should be observed that there is uncertainty about the derivation of some of some words in Hebrew, so that some of the following names may have either of several meanings. There are also some whose meaning, from a variety of circumstances, are altogether obscure or uncertain. These are omitted from this dictionary.

Aaron a teacher; lofty; mountain of strength Abaddon the destroyer Abagtha father of the wine-press Abana made of stone; a building Abarim passages; passengers Abba father Abda a servant; servitude Abdeel a vapor; a cloud of God Abdi my servant Abdiel servant of God Abdon servant; cloud of judgment Abednego servant of light; shining Abel vanity; breath; vapor Abel a city; mourning Abel-beth-maachah mourning to the house of Maachah Abel-maim mourning of waters Abel-meholah mourning of sickness Abel-mizraim the mourning of Egyptians Abel-shittim mourning of thorns Abez an egg; muddy Abi my father Abiah the Lord is my father Abi-albon most intelligent father. Abiasaph consuming father; gathering Abiathar excellent father; father of the remnant Abib green fruit; ears of corn Abidah father of knowledge Abidan father of judgment Abiel God my father Abiezer father of help Abigail the father's joy Abihail the father of strength Abihu he is my father Abihud father of praise; confession Abijah the Lord is my father Abijam father of the sea Abilene the father of mourning Abimael a father sent from God Abimelech father of the king Abinadab father of a vow, or of willingness Abinoam father of beauty Abiram high father; father of deceit Abishag ignorance of the father Abishai the present of my father Abishalom father of peace Abishua father of salvation Abishur father of the wall; father of uprightness Abital the father of the dew; or of the shadow. Abitub father of goodness Abiud father of praise Abner father of light Abram high father Abraham father of a great multitude Absalom father of peace Accad a vessel; pitcher; spark Accho close; pressed together Aceldama field of blood Achab brother of the father Achaia grief; trouble Achaicus a native of Achaia; sorrowing; sad Achan or Achar he that troubleth Achaz one that takes, or possesses Achbor a rat; bruising Achim preparing; revenging; confirming Achish thus it is; how is this Achmetha brother of death Achor trouble Achsah adorned; bursting the veil Achshaph poison; tricks Achzib liar; lying; one that runs Adadah testimony of the assembly Adah an assembly Adaiah the witness of the Lord. Adaliah one that draws water; poverty; cloud; death Adam earthy; red Adamah red earth; of blood Adami my man; red; earthy; human Adar high; eminent Adbeel vapor, or cloud of God Addi my witness; adorned; prey Addin adorned; delicious; voluptuous Addon basis; foundation; the Lord Adiel the witness of the Lord Adin voluptuous Adina adorned; voluptuous; dainty Adithaim assemblies; testimonies Adlai my witness; my ornament Admah earthy; red; bloody Admatha a cloud of death; a mortal vapor Adna pleasure; delight Adnah eternal rest Adoni-bezek the lightning of the Lord; the Lord of lightning Adonijah the Lord is my master Adonikam the Lord is raised Adoniram my Lord is most high; Lord of might and elevation Adoni-zedek justice of the Lord; lord of justice Adoraim strength of the sea. Adoram their beauty; their power Adrammelech the cloak, glory, grandeur or power of the king Adramyttium the court of death Adriel the flock of God Adullam their testimony; their prey; their ornament Adummim earthy; red; bloody things Aeneas praised; praiseworthy Aenon a cloud; fountain; his eye Agabus a locust; the father's joy or feast Agag roof; upper floor Agar or Hagar, a stranger; one that fears Agee a valley; deepness Agrippa one who causes great pain at his birth Agur stranger; gathered together Ahab uncle, or father's brother Aharah a smiling brother; a meadow of a sweet savor Aharhel another host; the last sorrow; a brother's sheep Ahasbai trusting in me; a grown-up brother Ahasuerus prince; head; chief Ahava essence; being; generation Ahaz one that takes or possesses Ahaziah seizure; vision of the Lord Ahi my brother; my brethren Ahiah brother of the Lord. Ahiam mother's brother; brother of a nation Ahian brother of wine Ahiezer brother of assistance Ahihud brother of vanity, or of darkness, or of joy, or of praise; witty brother Ahijah same with Ahiah Ahikam a brother who raises up or avenges Ahilud a brother born, or begotten Ahimaaz a brother of the council Ahiman brother of the right hand Ahimelech my brother is a king; my king's brother Ahimoth brother of death Ahinadab a willing brother; brother of a vow Ahinoam beauty of the brother; brother of motion Ahio his brother; his brethren Ahira brother of iniquity; brother of the shepherd Ahiram brother of craft, or of protection Ahisamach brother of strength Ahishahur brother of the morning or dew; brother of blackness Ahishar brother of a prince; brother of a song Ahithophel brother of ruin or folly Ahitub brother of goodness Ahlab made of milk, or of fat; brother of the heart Ahlai beseeching; sorrowing; expecting Ahoah a live brother; my thorn or thistle. Aholah his tabernacle; his tent Aholiab the tent of the father Aholibah my tent, or my tabernacle, in her Aholibamah my tabernacle is exalted Ahumai a meadow of waters; a brother of waters Ahuzam their taking or possessing vision Ahuzzah possession; seizing; collecting Ai or Hai, mass; heap Aiah vulture, raven; an isle; alas, where is it? Aiath same as Ai; an hour; eye; fountainAijeleth-Shahar the land of the morning Ain same as Aiath Ajalon a chain; strength; a stag Akkub foot-print; supplanting; crookedness; lewdness Akrabbim scorpions Alammelech God is king Alemeth hiding; youth; worlds; upon the dead Alexander one who assists men Alian high Alleluia praise the Lord Allon an oak; strong Allon-bachuth the oak of weeping Almodad measure of God Almon hidden. Almon-diblathaim hidden in a cluster of fig trees Alpheus a thousand; learned; chief Alush mingling together Alvah his rising up; his highness Amad people of witness; a prey Amal labor; iniquity Amalek a people that licks up Aman mother; fear of them Amana integrity; truth; a nurse Amariah the Lord says; the integrity of the Lord Amasa sparing the people Amasai strong Amashai the people's gift Amashi-ali same as Amaziah Ami mother; fear; people Amaziah the strength of the Lord Aminadab same as Amminadab Amittai true; fearing Ammah my, or his, people Ammi same as Ammah Ammiel the people of God Ammihud people of praise Ammi-nadab my people is liberal Ammishaddai the people of the Almighty; the Almighty is with me Ammizabad dowry of the people Ammon a people; the son of my people Amnon faithful and true; tutor Amok a valley; a depth Amon faithful; true Amorite bitter; a rebel; a babbler Amos loading; weighty Amoz strong; robust Amplias large; extensive Amram an exalted people; their sheaves; handfuls of corn Amraphel one that speaks of secrets Amzi strong, mighty Anab a grape; a knot Anah one who answers; afflicted Anaharath dryness, burning, wrath Anak a collar; ornament Anamim a fountain; answer; affliction Anammelech answer; poverty of the king Anani a cloud; prophecy; divination Ananias or Ananiah the cloud of the Lord Anathema separated; set apart Anathoth or Anath answer; song; poverty Andrew a strong man Andronicus a man excelling others Anem or Anen an answer; their affliction Aner answer; song; affliction Aniam a people; the strength or sorrow of people Anim answerings; singings; afflicted Anna gracious; one who gives Annas one who answers; humble Antichrist an adversary to Christ Antioch speedy as a chariot Antipas for all, or against all Antipatris for or against the father Antothijah answers or songs of the Lord; afflictions Anub same as Anab Apelles exclusion; separation Apharsathchites Apharsites (from a root meaning) dividing or rending Aphek enclosure or fortress Aphekah force; strength Aphik strength; a rapid torrent Aphiah speaking, blowing Apocalypse uncovering, revelation Apocrypha hidden Apollonia perdition, destruction Apollonius destroying Apollos one who destroys; destroyer Apollyon a destroyer Appaim face; nostrils Apphia productive; fruitful Aquila an eagle Ar awakening; uncovering Ara cursing; seeing Arab multiplying; sowing sedition; a window; a locust Arabia evening; desert; ravens Arad a wild ass; a dragon Arah the way; a traveler Aram highness, magnificence, one that deceives; curse Aran an ark; their curse Ararat the curse of trembling Araunah ark; song; joyful cry Arba four Archelaus the prince of the people Archippus a master of horses Arcturus a gathering together Ard one that commands; he that descends Ardon ruling; a judgment of malediction Areli the light or vision of God Areopagus the hill of Mars Aretas agreeable, virtuous Argob a turf, or fat land Ariel altar; light or lion of God Arimathea a lion dead to the Lord Arioch long; great; tall Aristarchus the best prince Aristobulus a good counselor Armageddon hill of fruits; mountain of Megiddo Arnon rejoicing; sunlight Aroer heath; tamarisk Arpad the light of redemption Arphaxad a healer; a releaser Artaxerxes the silence of light; fervent to spoil Artemas whole, sound Arumah high; exalted Asa physician; cure Asahel creature of God Asaiah the Lord hath wrought Asaph who gathers together Asareel the beatitude of God Asenath peril; misfortune Ashan smoke Ashbel an old fire Ashdod effusion; inclination; theft Asher happiness Ashima crime; offense Ashkenaz a fire that spreads Ashnah change Ashriel same as Asareel Ashtaroth plural of Ashtoreth Ashtoreth flocks; sheep; riches Ashur who is happy; or walks; or looks Asia muddy; boggy Asiel the work of God Askelon weight; balance; fire of infamy Asnapper unhappiness; increase of danger Asriel help of God Assir prisoner; fett-ered Asshurim liers in want; beholders Assos approaching; coming near Assur same as Ashur Assyria country of Assur or Ashur Asuppim gatherings Asyncritus incomparable Atad a thorn Atarah a crown Ataroth crowns Ataroth-addar crowns of power Ater left hand; shut Athach thy time Athaiah the Lord's time Athaliah the time of the Lord Athlai my hour or time Attai same as Athlai Attalia that increases or sends Attalus increased, nourished Augustus increased, augmented Ava or Ivah iniquity Aven iniquity; force; riches; sorrow Avim wicked or perverse men Avith wicked, perverse Azaliah near the Lord Azaniah hearing the Lord; the Lord's weapons Azareel help of God Azariah he that hears the Lord Azaz strong one Azazel the scape-goat Azaziah strength of the Lord Azekah strength of walls Azgad a strong army; a gang of robbers Azmaveth strong death; a he-goat Azmon bone of a bone; our strength Aznoth-tabor the ears of Tabor; the ears of purity or contrition Azor a helper; a court Azotus the same as Ashdod Azriel same as Asriel Azrikam help, revenging Azubah forsaken Azur he that assists or is assisted Azzan their strength Azzur same as Azur Baal master; lord Baalah her idol; she that is governed or subdued; a spouse Baalath a rejoicing; our proud lord Baalath-beer subjected pit Baal-berith idol of the covenant Baale same as Baalath Baal-gad idol of fortune or felicity Baal-hamon who rules a crowd Baal-hermon possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed Baali my idol; lord over me Baalim idols; masters; false gods Baalis a rejoicing; a proud lord Baal-meon idol or master of the house Baal-peor master of the opening Baal-perazim god of divisions Baal-shalisha the god that presides over three; the third idol Baal-tamar master of the palm-tree Baal-zebub god of the fly Baal-zephon the idol or possession of the north; hidden; secret Baanah in the answer; in affliction Baara a flame; purging Baaseiah in making; in pressing together Baasha he that seeks, or lays waste Babel confusion; mixture Babylon same as Babel Baca a mulberry-tree Bahurim choice; warlike; valiant Bajith a house Balaam the ancient of the people; the destruction of the people Baladan one without judgment Balak who lays waste or destroys Bamah an eminence or high place Barabbas son of shame, confusion Barachel that bows before God Barachias same as Barachel Barak thunder, or in vain Barjesus son of Jesus or Joshua Barjona son of a Jona; of a dove Barnabas son of the prophet, or of consolation Barsabas son of return; son of rest Bartholomew a son that suspends the waters Bartimeus son of the honorable Baruch who is blessed Barzillai son of contempt; made of iron Bashan in the tooth, in ivory Bashemath perfumed; confusion of death; in desolation Bathsheba the seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety Bathsuha same as Bathsheba Bealiah the god of an idol; in an assembly Bealoth cast under Bebai void, empty Becher first begotten; first fruits Bechorath first fruits Bedad alone; solitary Bedaiah the only Lord Bedeiah the only Lord Bedan according to judgment Beeliada an open idol Beelzebub same as Baalzebub Beer a well Beera a well; declaring Beerelim the well of Elim, or of rains Beeri my well Beer-lahai-roi the well of him that liveth and seeth me Beeroth wells; explaining Beersheba the well of an oath; the seventh well Behemoth beasts Bekah half a shekel Belah destroying Belial wicked, worthless Belshazzar master of the treasure Belteshazzar who lays up treasures in secret Ben a son Benaiah son of the Lord Ben-ammi son of my people Beneberak sons of lightning Bene-jaakan sons of sorrow Benhadad son of Hadad, or noise Benhail son of strength Benhanan son of grace Benjamin son of the right hand Benimi our sons Beno his son Benoni son of my sorrow, or pain Benzoheth son of separation Beon in affliction Beor burning; foolish; mad Bera a well; declaring Berachah blessing; bending the knee Berachiah speaking well of the Lord Beraiah the choosing of the Lord Berea heavy; weighty Bered hail Beri my son; my corn Beriah in fellowship; in envy Berith covenant Bernice one that brings victory Berodach-baladan the son of death Berothai wells; a cypress Berothath of a well Besai a despising; dirty Besodeiah counsel of the Lord Besor glad news; incarnation Betah confidence Beten belly Bethabara the house of confidence Bethanath house of affliction Bethany the house of song; the house of affliction Betharabah house of sweet smell Beth-aram house of height Beth-aven the house of vanity; of iniquity of trouble Beth-azmaveth house of death's strength Beth-baalmeon an idol of the dwelling-place Beth-barah the chosen house Beth-birei the house of my Creator, the house of my health Beth-car the house of the lamb Beth-dagon the house of corn, or of fish Beth-diblathaim house of dry figs Beth-el the house of God Bethemek house of deepness Bether division, or in the trial Bethesda house of pity or mercy Beth-ezal a neighbor's house Beth-gader a house for a mouse Beth-gamul house of recompense, or of the camel Beth-haccerem house of the vineyard Beth-haran house of grace Beth-horon house of wrath Beth-lebaoth house of lionesses Beth-lehem house of bread Beth-marcaboth house of bitterness wiped out Beth-meon house of the dwelling-place Beth-nimrah house of rebellion Beth-palet house of expulsion Beth-pazzez house of dividing asunder Beth-peor house of gaping, or opening Bethphage house of my month, or of early figs Beth-phelet same as Beth-palet Beth-rapha house of health Bethsaida house of fruits, or of food, or of snares Bethshan or Beth-shean house of the tooth, or of ivory, or of sleep Beth-shemesh house of the sun Bethuel filiation of God Beth-zur house of a rock Betonim bellies Beulah married Bezai eggs Bezaleel in the shadow of God Bezek lightning; in the chains Bezer vine branches Bichri first-born; first fruits Bidkar in compunction, or sharp pain Bigthan in the press; giving meat Bigvai in my body Bildad old friendship Bileam the ancient of the people; the devourer Bilgah ancient countenance Bilhah or Bilhan who is old or confused Bilshan in the tongue Binea son of the Lord Binnui building Birsha an evil; a son who beholds Bishlam in peace Bithiah daughter of the Lord Bithron divisions Bithynia violent precipitation Bizjothjah despite Blastus that buds or brings forth Boanerges son of thunder Boaz or Booz in strength Bocheru the first born Bochim the place of weeping; or of mulberry-trees Bohan in them Boskath in poverty Boson taking away Bozez mud; bog Bozrah in tribulation or distress Bukki void Bukkiah the dissipation of the Lord Bul old age; perishing Bunah building; understanding Bunni building me Buz despised; plundered Buzi my contempt Cabbon as though understanding Cabul displeasing; dirty Caiphas he that seeks with diligence; one that vomiteth Cain possession, or possessed Cainan possessor; purchaser Calah favorable; opportunity Calcol nourishing Caleb a dog; a crow; a basket Caleb-Ephratah see Ephratah Calneh our consummation Calno our consummation; altogether himself Calvary the place of a skull Camon his resurrection Cana zeal; jealousy; possession Canaan merchant; trader; or that humbles and subdues Candace who possesses contrition Capernaum the field of repentance; city of comfort Caphtor a sphere, buckle, or hand Cappadocia the same as Caphtor Carcas the covering of a lamb Charchemish a lamb; as taken away; withdrawn Careah bald; ice Carmel circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn Carmi my vineyard; lamb of the waters Carpus fruit; fruitful Carshena a lamb; sleeping Casiphia money; covetousness Casluhim hopes of life Cedron black; sad Cenchrea millet; small pulse Cephas a rock or stone Cesar a name applied to those who are cut out of the womb Chalcol who nourishes, consumes, and sustains the whole Chaldea as demons, or as robbers Charran a singing or calling out Chebar force or strength Chedorlaomer roundness of a sheaf Chelal as night Chelub a basket Chelluh all Chelubai he altogether against me Chemarims black ones Chemosh handling; stroking; taking away Chenaanah broken in pieces Chenani my pillar Chenaniah preparation, or disposition, or strength, of the Lord Chephirah a little lioness Cheran anger Cherethims or Cherethites who cut or tear away Cherith cutting; piercing; slaying Chesed as a devil, or a destroyer Chesil foolishness Chesulloth fearfulness Chidon a dart Chiliab totality; or the perfection of the father Chilion finished; complete; perfect Chilmad teaching or learning Chimham as they; like to them Chios open; opening Chisleu, Cisleu, Casleu rashness; confidence Chislon hope, trust Chisloth-tabor fears; purity Chittem those that bruise; gold Chloe green herb Chorazin the secret; here is a mystery Chozeba men liers in wait Christ anointed Chun making ready Chushan-rishathaim blackness of iniquities Chuza the seer or prophet Cilicia which rolls or overturns Cis same as Kish Clauda a lamentable voice Claudia or Claudius lame Clement mild; good; merciful Cleophas the whole glory Cnidus age Colhozeh every prophet Colosse punishment; correction Coniah strength of the Lord Coos top, summit Corinth which is satisfied; ornament; beauty Cornelius of a horn Cosam divining Coz a thorn Cozbi a liar; sliding away Crescens growing; increasing Crete carnal; fleshly Crispus curled Cush, Cushan, Cushi Ethiopians; blackness Cuth or Cuthah burning Cyprus fair; fairness Cyrene a wall; coldness; the floor Cyrenius who governs Cyrus as miserable; as heir Dabareh the word; the thing; a bee; obedient Dabbasheth flowing with honey Daberath same as Dabareh Dagon corn; a fish Dalaiah the poor of the Lord Dalmanutha a bucket; a branch Dalmatia deceitful lamps; vain brightness Dalphon the house of caves Damaris a little woman Damascus a sack full of blood; the similitude of burning Dan judgment; he that judges Daniel judgment of God; God my judge Dannah judging Darah generation; house of the shepherd or of the companion Darda home of knowledge Darius he that informs himself Darkon of generation; of possession Dathan laws or rites David well-beloved, dear Debir an orator; a word Deborah word; thing; a bee Decapolis containing ten cities Dedan their breasts; friendship; a judge Dedanim the descendants of Dedan Dekar force Delaiah the poor of the Lord Delilah poor; small; head of hair Demas popular Demetrius belonging to corn, or to Ceres Derbe a sting Deuel the knowledge of God Deuteronomy repetition of the law Diana luminous, perfect Diblaim cluster of figs Diblath paste of dry figs Dibon abundance of knowledge Dibon-gad great understanding; abundance of sons Dibri an orator Dibzahab or Dizahab where much gold is Didymus a twin; double Diklah or Dildah his diminishing Dilean that is poor Dimon where it is red Dimonah dunghill Dinah judgment; who judges Dinhabah he gives judgment Dionysius divinely touched Diotrephes nourished by Jupiter Dishan a threshing Dishon fatness; ashes Dodai or Dodanim beloved Dodavah love Dodo his uncle Doeg careful, who acts with uneasiness Dophkah a knocking Dor generation, habitation Dorcas a female roe-deer Dothan the law; custom Drusilla watered by the dew Dumali silence; resemblance Dura same as Dor Ebal ancient heaps Ebed a servant; laborer Ebed-melech the king's servant Eben-ezer the stone of help Eber one that passes; anger Ebiasaph a father that gathers or adds Ebronah passage over; being angry Ecclesiastes a preacher Ed witness Eden pleasure; delight Eder a flock Edom red, earthy; of blood Edrei a very great mass, or cloud Eglah heifer; chariot; round Eglaim drops of the sea Eglon same as Eglah Egypt that troubles or oppresses; anguish Ehud he that praises Eker barren, feeble Ekron barrenness; torn away Eladah the eternity of God Elah an oak; a curse; perjury Elam a young man; a virgin; a secret Elasah the doings of God Elath a hind; strength; an oak El-beth-el the God of Bethel Eldaah knowledge of God Eldad favored of God; love of God Elead witness of God Elealeh burnt-offering of God Eleazar help of God, court of God El-elohe-Israel God, the God of Israel Eleph learning Elhanan grace, or gift, or mercy of God Eli the offering or lifting up Eli my God, my God Eliab God is my father; God is the father Eliada knowledge of God Eliah God the Lord Eliahba my God the Father Eliakim resurrection of God Eliam the people of God Elias same as Elijah Eliasaph the Lord increaseth Eliashib the God of conversion Eliathah thou art my God Elidad beloved of God Eliel God, my God Elienai the God of my eyes Eliezer help, or court, of my God Elihoreph god of winter, or of youth Elihu he is my God himself Elijah God the Lord, the strong Lord Elika pelican of God Elim the rams; the strong; stags Elimelech my God is king Elioenai toward him are mine eyes; or to him are my fountains Eliphal a miracle of God Eliphalet the God of deliverance Eliphaz the endeavor of God Elisabeth or Elizabeth the oath, or fullness, of God Elisha salvation of God Elishah it is God; the lamb of God: God that gives help Elishama God hearing Elishaphat my God judgeth Elisheba same as Elisabeth Elishua God is my salvation Eliud God is my praise Elizur God is my strength; my rock; rock of God Elkanah God the zealous; the zeal of God Elkeshai hardiness or rigor of God Ellasar revolting from God Elkoshite a man of Elkeshai Elmodam the God of measure, or of the garment Elnaam God's fairness Elnathan God hath given; the gift of God Elohi or Elohim God Elon oak; grove; strong Elon-beth-hanan the house of grace or mercy Elpaal God's work Elpalet same as Eliphalet Eltekeh of grace or mercy Elteketh the case of God Eltolad the generation of God Elul cry or outcry Eluzai God is my strength Elymas a magician, a corrupter Elzabad the dowry of God Elzaphan God of the northeast wind Emims fears; terrors; formidable; people Emmanuel God with us Emmaus people despised or obscure Emmor an ass Enam fountain, open place Enan cloud En-dor fountain, eye of generation, or of habitation Eneas laudable En-eglaim eye, or fountain, of calves En-gannim eye, or fountain, of protection or of gardens En-gedi eye, or fountain, of the goat, or of happiness En-haddah quick sight; well of gladness En-hakkore fountain of him that called or prayed En-hazor the grass of the well En-mishpat fountain of judgment Enoch dedicated; disciplined Enon cloud; mass of darkness; fountain; eye Enos mortal man; sick; despaired of; forgetful En-rimmon well of weight En-rogel the fuller's fountain; the well of searching En-shemesh fountain, or eye, of the sun En-tappuah fountain of an apple, or of inflation Epaphras covered with foam Epaphroditus agreeable; handsome Epenetus laudable; worthy of praise Ephah weary; tired Epher dust; lead Ephes-dammim effusion of blood Ephesus desirable Eph-lal judging; praying Ephphatha be opened Ephraim fruitful; increasing Ephratah or Ephrath abundance; bearing fruit Ephron dust Epicurean follower of Epicurus of one who gives assistance Er watchman Eran follower Erastus lovely, amiable Erech length; health; physic Eri my city Esaias same as Isaiah Esar-haddon that closes the point; joy; cheerfulness Esau he that acts or finishes Esek contention Esh-baal the fire of the idol, or of the ruler Esh-ban fire of the sun Eshcol bunch of grapes Eshean held up Eshek violence, force Eshkalon same as Askelon Eshtaol a strong woman Eshtemoa the bosom of a woman Esli near me; he who separates Esmachiah joined to the Lord Esrom dart of joy; division of a song Esther secret; hidden Etam their bird, their covering Etham their strength; their sign Ethan strong; the gift of the island Ethanim strong; valiant Ethbaal toward the idol, or with Baal Ether talk Ethiopia blackness; heat Ethnan gift Ethni strong Eubulus prudent; good counselor Eunice good victory Euodias sweet scent Euphrates that makes fruitful Eutychus happy; fortunate Eve living; enlivening Evi unjust Evil-merodach the fool of Merodach; the fool grinds bitterly Exodus going out, departure Ezbon hastening to understand Ezekiel the strength of God Ezel going abroad; walk Ezem a bone Ezer a help Ezion-geber the wood of the man Ezra help; court Ezri my help Felix happy, prosperous Festus festive, joyful Fortunatus lucky, fortunate Gaal contempt; abomination Gaash tempest; commotion Gabbai the back Gabbatha high; elevated Gabriel God is my strength Gad a band; a troop Gadarenes men of Gadara a place surrounded or walled Gaddi my troop; a kid Gaddiel goat of God; the Lord my happiness Gaius lord; an earthly man Galal a roll, a wheel Galatia white; the color of milk Galeed the heap of witness Galilee wheel; revolution Gallim who heap up; who cover Gallio who sucks, or lives on milk Gamaliel recompense of God; camel of God Gammadims dwarfs Gamul a recompense Gareb a scab Garmites men of Garmi bones, or, my cause Gatam their lowing; their touch Gath a wine-press Gath-rimmon the high wine-press Gaza strong; a goat Gazabar a treasurer Gazer a dividing; a sentence Gazez a passing over Gazzam the fleece of them Geba a hill; cup Gebal bound; limit Geber manly, strong Gebim grasshoppers; height Gedaliah God is my greatness Geder,Gederah, Gederoth a wall Gederothaim hedges Gehazi valley of sight Geliloth rolling, wheel, heap Gemalli wares; a camel Gemariah accomplishment or perfection of the Lord Gennesaret garden of the prince Genesis beginning Genubath theft; robbery Gera pilgrimage; combat; dispute Gerar same as Gera Gergesenes those who come from pilgrimage or fight Gerizim cutters, hatchets Gershom a stranger here Gershon his banishment; the change of pilgrimage Geshur or Geshuri sight of the valley; a walled valley Gether the vale of trial or searching Gethsemane a very fat or plentiful vale Geuel God's redemption Gezer dividing, sentence Giah to guide; draw out; produce; a groan or sigh Gibbar strong, manly Gibbethon a back; a high house Gibeah a hill Gibeon hill; cup; thing lifted up Giddel great Gideon he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer Gideoni same as Gideon Gihon valley of grace Gilalai a wheel Gilboa revolution of inquiry Gilead the heap or mass of testimony Gilgal wheel; rolling; heap Giloh he that rejoices; he that overturns Gimzo that bulrush Ginath or Ginnetho a garden Girgashite who arrives from pilgrimage Gispa coming hither Gittah-hepher digging; a wine-press Gittaim a wine-press Gittites men of Gath of a winepress Goath his touching; his roaring Gob cistern; grasshopper Gog roof; covering Golan passage; revolution Golgotha a heap of skulls; something skull-shaped Goliath passage; revolution; heap Gomer to finish; complete Gomorrah rebellious people Goshen approaching; drawing near Gozan fleece; pasture; who nourisheth the body Gudgodah happiness Guni a garden; a covering Gur the young of a beast; a whelp Gur-baal the governor's whelp Haahashtari a runner Habaiah the hiding of the Lord Habakkuk he that embraces; a wrestler Habazinaiah a hiding of the shield of the Lord Habor a partaker; a companion Hachaliah who waits for the Lord Hachilah my hope is in her Hachmoni a wise man Hadad joy; noise; clamor Hadadezer beauty of assistance Hadadrimmon invocation to the god Rimmon Hadar power; greatness Hadarezer same as Hadadezer Hadashah news; a month Hadassah a myrtle; joy Hadid rejoicing; sharp Hadlai loitering; hindering Hadoram their beauty; their power Hadrach point; joy of tenderness Hagab or Hagabah a grasshopper Hagar a stranger; one that fears Haggai feast; solemnity Haggeri or Haggi a stranger Haggiah the Lord's feast Haggith rejoicing Hakkatan little Hakkoz a thorn; summer; an end Hakupha a commandment of the mouth Halah a moist table Halak part Halhul grief; looking for grief Hali sickness; a beginning; a precious stone Hallelujah praise the Lord Halloesh saying nothing; an enchanter Ham hot; heat; brown Haman noise; tumult Hamath anger; heat; a wall Hamath-zobah the heat, or the wall, of an army Hammedatha he that troubles the law Hammelech a king; a counselor Hammon heat; the sun Hamonah his multitude; his uproar Hamon-gog the multitude of Gog Hamor an ass; clay; dirt Hamoth indignation Hamul godly; merciful Hamutal the shadow of his heat Hanameel the grace that comes from God; gift of God Hanan full of grace Hananeel grace, or gift, of God Hanani my grace; my mercy Hananiah grace; mercy; gift of the Lord Hanes banishment of grace Haniel the gift of God Hannah gracious; merciful; he that gives Hannathon the gift of grace Hanniel grace or mercy of God Hanoch dedicated Hanun gracious; merciful Hapharaim searching; digging Hara a hill; showing forth Haradah well of great fear Haran mountainous country Harran see Charran Harbonah his destruction; his sword Hareph winter; reproach Harhas anger; heat of confidence Harhaiah heat, or anger, of the Lord Harhur made warm Harim destroyed; dedicated to God Harnepher the anger of a bull; increasing heat Harod astonishment; fear Harosheth a forest; agriculture; workmanship; deafness; silence Harsha workmanship; a wood Harum high; throwing down Harumaph destruction Haruphite slender; sharp Haruz careful Hasadiah the mercy of the Lord Hashabiah the estimation of the Lord Hashabnah or Hashabniah the silence of the Lord Hashem named; a putting to Hashub esteemed; numbered Hashubah estimation; thought Hashum silence; their hasting Hashupha spent; made base Hasrah wanting Hatach he that strikes Hathath fear Hatita a bending of sin Hattil howling for sin Hattipha robbery Hattush forsaking sin Hauran a hole; liberty; whiteness Havilah that suffers pain; that brings forth Havoth-jair the villages that enlighten Hazael that sees God Hazaiah seeing the Lord Hazar-addar an imprisoned generation Hazarenan imprisoned cloud Hazargaddah imprisoned band Hazar-hatticon middle village; preparation Hazarmaveth dwelling of death Hazar-shual a wolf's house Hazar-susah or susim, the hay-paunch of a horse Hazelelponi sorrow of countenance Hazeroth villages; palaces Hazezon-tamar drawing near to bitterness Hazo seeing; prophesying Hazor court; hay Heber one that passes; anger Hebrews descendants of Heber Hebron society; friendship Hegai or Hege meditation; word; groaning; separation Helam their army; their trouble Helbah or Helbon milk, fatness Heldai, Heleb,Heled the world; rustiness Helek part; portion Helem dreaming; healing Heleph changing; passing over Helez armed; set free Heli ascending; climbing up Helkai same as Helek Helkath-hazzurim the field of strong men, or of rocks Helon window; grief Heman their trouble; tumult; much; in great number Hen grace; quiet; rest Hena troubling Henadad grace of the beloved Henoch same as Enoch Hepher a digger Hephzibah my delight is in her Heres the son; an earthen pot Heresh a carpenter Hermas or Hermes Mercury; gain; refuge Hermogenes begotten of Mercury Hermon anathema; devoted to destruction Herod son of a hero Herodion the song of Juno Heshbon invention; industry Heshmon a hasty messenger Heth trembling; fear Hethlon a fearful dwelling Hezekiah strength of the Lord Hezer or Hezir a bog; converted Hezrai an entry or vestibule Hezron the dart of joy; the division of the song Hiddai a praise; a cry Hiddekel sharp voice; sound Hiel God lives; the life of God Hierapolis holy city Higgaion meditation; consideration Hilen a window; grief Hilkiah God is my portion Hillel he that praises Hinnom there they are; their riches Hirah liberty; anger Hiram exaltation of life; a destroyer Hittite one who is broken; who fears Hivites wicked; wickedness Hizkijah the strength of the Lord Hobab favored; beloved Hobah love; friendship; secrecy Hod praise; confession Hodaiah the praise of the Lord Hodaviah, Hodiah, Hodijah same as Hodaiah Hodesh a table; news Hoglah his festival or dance Hoham woe to them Holon a window; grief Homam making an uproar Hophin he that covers; my fist Hor who conceives, or shows; a hill Horam their hill Horeb desert; solitude; destruction Horem an offering dedicated to God Hor-hagidgad the hill of felicity Hori a prince; freeborn Horims princes; being angry Hormah devoted or consecrated to God; utter destruction Horonaim angers; ragings Horonites men of anger, or of fury, or of liberty Hosah trusting Hosanna save I pray thee; keep; preserve Hosea or Hoshea savior; safety Hoshaiah the salvation of the Lord Hoshama heard; he obeys Hotham a seal Hothir excelling; remaining Hukkok engraver; scribe; lawyer Hul pain; infirmity Huldah the world Hupham their chamber; their bank Huppim a chamber covered; the sea-shore Hur liberty; whiteness; hole Huram their liberty; their whiteness; their hole Huri being angry; or same as Huram Hushah hasting; holding peace Hushai their haste; their sensuality; their silence Hushathite or Hushim man of haste, or of silence Huz counsel; woods; fastened Huzoth streets; populous Huzzab molten Hymeneus nuptial; the god of marriage Ibhar election; he that is chosen Ibleam ancient people; people decreasing Ibneiah or Ibniah the building of the Lord; the understanding of the Lord; son by adoption Ibri passing over; being angry; being with young Ibzan father of a target; father of coldness Ichabod where is the glory? or, no glory Iconium coming Idalah the hand of slander, or of cursing Idbash flowing with honey; the land of destruction Iddo his band; power; praise Idumea red; earthy; bloody Igal redeemed; defiled Igeal a redeemer; redeemed; defiled Igdaliah the greatness of the Lord Iim heaps of Hebrews, or of angry men Ije-abarim heaps of Hebrews, or of passers over Ijon look; eye; fountain Ikkesh forward; wicked Illyricum joy; rejoicing Imlah plentitude; circumcision Immanuel God with us Immer saying; speaking; a lamb Imnah same as Jimnah Imrah a rebel; waxing bitter; changing Imri speaking; exalting; bitter; a lamb India praise; law Iphedeiah redemption of the Lord Ir watchman; city; vision Ira watchman; making bare; pouring out Irad wild ass; heap of empire; dragon Iram the effusion of them; a high heap Iri fire; light Irijah the fear of the Lord Irpeel the health, medicine, or exulting of God Irshemesh a city of bondage Isaac laughter Isaiah the salvation of the Lord Iscah he that anoints Iscariot a man of murder; a hireling Ishbak who is empty or exhausted Ishbi-benob respiration; conversion; taking captive Ishbosheth a man of shame Ishi salvation Ishiah it is the Lord Ishma named; marveling; desolation Ishmael God that hears Ishmaiah hearing or obeying the Lord Ishmerai keeper, or keeping Ishod a comely man Ish-pan hid; broken in two Ish-tob good man Ishua plainness; equal Ishmachiah cleaving to the Lord Ispah a jasper stone Israel who prevails with God Issachar reward; recompense Isui same as Ishuah Ithai strong; my sign; a plowshare Italy abounding with calves or heifers Ithamar island of the palm-tree Ithiel sign, or coming of God Ithmah an orphan Ithran remaining; searching out diligently Ithream excellence of the people Ittah-kazin hour, or time, of a prince Iturea guarded; mountainous Ivah iniquity Izehar or Izhar clearness; oil Izrahiah the Lord ariseth; the clearness of the Lord Izri fasting; tribulation Jaakan tribulation; labor Jaakobah supplanter; deceiver; the heel Jaala ascending; a little doe or goat Jaalam hidden; young man; heir Jaanai answering; afflicting; making poor Jaasau doing; my doing Jaasiel God's work Jaazaniah whom the Lord will hear Jaazah or Jaazar helper Jaaziah or Jaaziel the strength of the Lord Jabal which glides away Jabbok evacuation; dissipation; wrestling Jabesh dryness; confusion; shame Jabez sorrow; trouble Jabin or Jabneh he that understands; building Jabneel building of God Jachan wearing out; oppressing Jachin he that strengthens and makes steadfast Jacob that supplants, undermines; the heel Jada knowing Jadau his hand; his confession Jaddua known Jael he that ascends; a kid Jagur husbandman; stranger Jah the everlasting Jahaleel praising God; light of God Jahath broken in pieces; descending Jahaz or Jahazah quarrel; dispute Jahaziah the vision of the Lord Jahaziel seeing God Jahdiel the unity, or sharpness, or revenge, of God Jahdo I alone; his joy; his sharpness of wit; his newness Jahleel waiting for, or beseeching, or hope in, God Jahmai warm; making warm Jahzeel God hasteth, or divideth Jair or Jairus my light; who diffuses light Jakan same as Achan Jakim rising; confirming; establishing Jalon tarrying; murmuring Jambres poverty; bitter; a rebel James same as Jacob Jamin right hand; south wind Jamlech reigning; asking counsel Janna or Jannes who speaks or answers; afflicted; poor Janoah or Janohah resting; tarrying; deriving Janum sleeping Japhet enlarged; fair; persuading Japhia enlightening; appearing Japhlet or Japhleti delivered; banished Japho fairness; comeliness Jarah a wood; honeycomb; watching closely Jareb a revenger Jared a ruling; commanding; coming down Jaresiah the bed of the Lord; the Lord hath taken away; poverty Jarib fighting; chiding; multiplying; avenging Jarmuth fearing, or seeing, or throwing down, death Jarvah breathing, or making, a sweet smell Jashem or Jashen ancient; sleeping Jasher righteous; upright Jashobeam the people sitting; or captivity of the people Jashub a returning; a controversy; a dwelling place Jasiel the strength of God Jason he that cures Jathniel gift of God Jattir a remnant; excellent Javan deceiver; one who makes sad Jazeel strength of God Jazer assistance; helper Jaziz brightness; departing Jearim a leap; woods Jeaterai searching out Jeberechiah speaking well of, or kneeling to, the Lord Jebus treading under foot; manger Jebusi trodden under foot; mangers Jecamiah resurrection, or confirmation, or revenge, of the Lord Jecoliah perfection, or power, of the Lord Jeconiah preparation, or stability, of the Lord Jedaiah the hand of the Lord; confessing the Lord Jedeiah one Lord; the joy of the Lord Jediael the science, or knowledge, of God Jedidah well beloved; amiable Jedidiah beloved of the Lord Jediel the knowledge, or renewing, of God Jeduthun his law; giving praise Jeezer island of help Jegar-sahadutha heap of witness Jehaleleel or Jehalelel praising God; clearness of God Jehaziel same as Jahaziel Jehdeiah joy together, one Lord Jeheiel God liveth Jehezekel strength of God Jehiah the Lord liveth Jehiskiah the strength, or taking, of the Lord Jehoadah passing over; testimony of the Lord Jehoaddan pleasure, or time, of the Lord Jehoahaz possession of the Lord Jehoash fire of the Lord Jehohanan grace, or mercy, or gift, of the Lord Jehoiachin preparation, or strength, of the Lord Jehoiada knowledge of the Lord Jehoiakim avenging, or establishing, or resurrection, of the Lord Jehoiarib fighting, or multiplying, of the Lord Jehonadab or Jonadab free giver; liberality Jehonathan gift of the Lord; gift of a dove Jehoram exaltation of the Lord Jehoshaphat the Lord is judge Jehosheba fullness, or oath, of the Lord Jehoshua same as Joshua Jehovah self-subsisting Jehovah-jireh the Lord will provide Jehovah-nissi the Lord my banner Jehovah-shalom the Lord send peace Jehovah-shammah the Lord is there Jehovah-tsidkenu the Lord our righteousness Jehozabad the Lord's dowry; having a dowry Jehozadak justice of the Lord Jehu himself who exists Jehubbah hiding, binding Jehucal mighty; perfect; wasted Jehud or Jehudi praising; conferring Jehudijah the praise of the Lord Jehush keeping counsel; fastened Jekabzeel the congregation of God Jekamean the people shall arise Jekamiah establishing, or revenging, of the Lord Jekuthiel hope, or congregation, of the Lord Jemima handsome as the day Jemuel God's day; son of God Jephunneh he that beholds Jerah the moon; month; smelling sweet Jerahmeel the mercy, or the beloved, of God Jered ruling; coming down Jeremai my height; throwing forth waters Jeremiah exaltation of the Lord Jeremoth eminences; one that fears death Jeriah fear, or throwing down, of the Lord Jerebai fighting; chiding; multiplying Jericho his moon; his month; his sweet smell Jeriel fear, or vision of God Jerijah same as Jeriah Jerimoth he that fears or rejects death Jerioth kettles; breaking asunder Jeroboam he that opposes the people Jeroham high; merciful; beloved Jerubbaal he that defends Baal, let Baal defend his cause Jerubbesheth let the idol of confusion defend itself Jeruel fear, or vision of God Jerusalem vision of peace Jerusha banished;  possession; inheritance Jesaiah health, or salvation, of the Lord Jeshebeab sitting, or captivity, of the father Jesher right; singing Jeshimon solitude; desolation Jeshishai ancient; rejoicing exceedingly Jeshohaia the Lord pressing; the meditation of God Jeshua same as Joshua Jesiah sprinkling of the Lord Jesimiel naming, or astonishment, of God Jesse gift; oblation; one who is Jesui even-tempered; flat country Jesus savior; deliverer Jether he that excels Jetheth giving Jethlah hanging up; heaping up Jethro his excellence; his posterity Jetur order; succession; mountainous Jeuel God hath taken away; God heaping up Jeush or Jeuz he that is devoured Jew same as Judah Jezaniah nourishment, or weapons, of the Lord Jezebel chaste Jezer island of help Jeziah or Jeziel sprinkling of the Lord Jezoar clear; white Jezrahiah the Lord arises; brightness of the Lord Jezneel seed of God Jibsam their drought, their confusion Jidlaph he that distills water Jimnah right hand; numbering; preparing Jiphtah opening
Jiphthael God opening Joab paternity; voluntary Joah fraternity; brother of the Lord Joahaz apprehending; possessing; seeing Joakim rising or establishing of the Lord Joanna grace or gift of the Lord Joash who despairs or burns Joatham same as Jotham Job he that weeps or cries Jobab sorrowful, hated Jochebed glorious; honorable Joed witnessing; robbing; passing over Joel he that wills or commands Joelah lifting up; profiting; taking away slander Joezer he that aids Jogbehah an exalting; high Jogli passing over; turning back; rejoicing Joha who enlivens or gives life Johanan who is liberal or merciful John the grace or mercy of the Lord Joiarib chiding, or multiplying, of the Lord Jokdeam crookedness, or burning, of the people Jokim that made the sun stand still Jokmeam confirmation, or revenge, of the people Jokneam possessing, or building up, of the people Jokshan an offense; hardness; a knocking Joktan small dispute; contention; disgust Jonadab who gives liberally Jonah or Jonas a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer Jonan a dove; multiplying of the people Jonathan given of God Joppa beauty; comeliness Jorah or Jorai showing; casting forth; a cauldron Joram to cast; elevated Jordan the river of judgment Jorim he that exalts the Lord Josabad having a dowry Josaphat same as Jehoshaphat Jose raised; who pardons Joseph increase; addition Joses same as Jose Joshah being; forgetting; owing Joshaviah the seat, alteration, or captivity of the Lord Joshbekesha it is requiring or beseeching Joshua a savior; a deliverer Josiah the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord Josibiah the seat, or captivity of the Lord Josiphiah increase of the Lord; the Lord's finishing Jotham the perfection of the Lord Jothath or Jothatha his goodness Jozabad same as Josabad Jozachar remembering; of the male sex Jubal he that runs; a trumpet Jucal mighty; perfect Judah the praise of the Lord; confession Judas or Jude same as Judah Judaea or Judea same as Judah Judith same as Judah Julia downy; soft and tender hair Julius same as Julia Junia youth Jupiter the father that helpeth Jushabhesed dwelling-place; change of mercy Justus just or upright Juttah turning away Kabzeel the congregation of God Kadesh holiness Kadesh-barnea holiness of an inconstant son Kadmiel God of antiquity; God of rising Kadmonites ancients; chiefs Kallai light; resting by fire; my voice Kanah of reeds Kareah bald; ice Karkaa floor; dissolving coldness Karkor they rested Karnaim horns Kartah calling; meeting Kedar blackness; sorrow Kedemah oriental; ancient; first Kedemoth antiquity; old age Kehelahath a whole; a congregation Keiiah she that divides or cuts Kelaiah voice of the Lord; gathering together Kelitah same as Kelaiah Kemuel God hath raised up, or established him Kenah buying; possession Kenan buyer; owner Kenaz this purchase; this lamentation Kenites possession; purchase; lamentation Kenizzites possession; purchase Keren-happuch the horn or child of beauty Kerioth the cities; the callings Keros crooked; crookedness Keturah that makes the incense to fume Kezia superficies; the angle; cassia Keziz end; extremity Kibroth-hattaavah the graves of lust Kibzaim congregation Kidron obscure; making black or sad Kinah same as Kenah Kir a city; wall; meeting Kirharaseth or Kirharesh city of the sun; wall of burnt brick Kirioth same as Kerioth Kirjath city; vocation; meeting Kirjathaim the two cities; callings; or meetings Kirjath-arba city of four; fourth city Kirjath-arim city of those who watch Kirjath-baal city of Baal, or of a ruler Kirjath-huzoth city of streets; populous city Kirjath-jearim city of woods Kirjath-sannah city of enmity, or of a blackberry bush Kirjath-sepher city of letters, or of the book Kish hard; difficult; straw; for age Kishi hardness; his gravity; his offense Kishion hardness; soreness Kishon hard; sore Kithlish it is a wall; the company of a lioness Kitron making sweet; binding together Kittim breaking; bruising small; gold; coloring Koa hope; a congregation; a line; a rule Kohath congregation; wrinkle; bluntness Kolariah voice of the Lord Korah baldness; ice; frost Kushaiah same as Kishi Laadah to assemble together; to testify; passing over Laadan for pleasure; devouring; judgment Laban white; shining; gentle; brittle Labana the moon; whiteness; frankincense Lachish who walks, or exists, of himself Lael to God; to the mighty Lahad praising; to confess Lahairoi who liveth and seeth me Lahmam their bread; their war Lahmi my bread; my war Laish a lion Lamech poor; made low Laodicea just people Lapidoth enlightened; lamps Lasea thick; wise Lashah to call; to anoint Lazarus assistance of God Leah weary; tired Lebanon white, incense Lebaoth lividness Lebbeus a man of heart; praising; confessing Lebonah same as Labana Lehabim flames; inflamed; swords Lehi jawbone Lekah walking; going Lemuel God with them, or him Leshem a name; putting; a precious stone Letushim hammermen; filemen Leummim countries; without water Levi associated with him Libnah white; whiteness Libni same as Libnah Libya the heart of the sea; fat Linus net Lo-ammi not my people Lod nativity; generation Lois better Lo-ruhamah not having obtained mercy; not pitied Lot or Lotan wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin Lubin heart of a man; heart of the sea Lucas or Lucius luminous; white Lucifer bringing light Lud or Ludim same as Lod Luhith made of boards Luke luminous; white Luz separation; departure; an almond Lycaonia she-wolf Lydda or Lydia a standing pool Lysanias that drives away sorrow Lysias dissolving Lysimachus scattering the battle Lystra that dissolves or disperses Maachah pressed down; worn; fastened Maachathi broken Maadai pleasant; testifying Maadiah pleasantness; the testimony of the Lord Maai belly; heaping up Maale-akrabbim ascent of scorpions Maarath den; making empty; watching Maaseiah the work of the Lord Maasiai the defense, or strength, or trust of the Lord Maath wiping away; breaking; fearing; smiting Maaz wood; wooden Macedonia burning; adoration Machbenah or Machbanai poverty; the smiting of his son Machi poor; a smiter Machir selling; knowing Machnadebai smiter Machpelah double Madai a measure; judging; a garment Madian judgment; striving; covering; chiding Madmannah measure of a gift; preparation of a garment Madon a chiding; a garment; his measure Magbish excelling; height Magdala tower; greatness Magdalene a person from Magdala Magdiel declaring God; chosen fruit of God Magog covering; roof; dissolving Magor-missabib fear on every side Magpiash a body thrust hard together Mahalah or Mahalath sickness; a company of dancers; a harp Mahaleleel praising God Mahali infirmity; a harp; pardon Mahanaim tents; two fields; two armies Mahanehdan tents of judgment Mahanem a comforter Maharai hasting; a hill; from a hill Mahath same as Maath Mahavites declaring a message; marrow Mahaz an end; ending; growing hope Mahazioth seeing a sign; seeing a letter Maher-shalal-hash-baz making speed to the spoil; he hastens to the prey Mahlah, Mahli, Mahlon same as Mahali Makas same as Mahaz Makheloth assemblies; congregations Makkedah worshiping; burning; raised; crookedness Malachi my messenger; my angel Malcham or Malchom their king; their counselor Malchiah or Malchijah the Lord my king, or my counselor Malchiel God is my king, or counselor Malchus my king, kingdom, or counselor Maleleel same as Mahaleleel Mallothi fullness; circumcision Malluch reigning; counseling Mammon riches Mamre rebellious; bitter; set with trees Manaen a comforter; a leader Manahethites my lady; my prince of rest Manasseh forgetfulness; he that is forgotten Manoah rest; a present Maon house; place of sin Mara or Marah bitter; bitterness Maralah sleep; a sacrifice of myrrh; ascension Maranatha the Lord is coming Marcus polite; shining Mareshah from the beginning; an inheritance Mark same as Marcus Maroth bitterness Marsena bitterness of a bramble Martha who becomes bitter; provoking Mary same as Miriam Mash same as Meshech Mashal a parable; governing Masrekah whistling; hissing Massa a burden; prophecy Massah temptation Matred wand of government Matri rain; prison Mattan, Mattana, Mattenai gifts; rains Mattaniah gift, or hope, of the Lord Mattatha his gift Mattathias the gift of the Lord Matthan same as Mattan Matthanias same as Mattaniah Matthal gift; he that gives Matthew given; a reward Matthias, Mattithiah same as Mattathias Mazzaroth the twelve signs of the zodiac Meah a hundred cubits Mearah den; cave; making empty Mebunnai son; building; understanding Mecherath selling; knowledge Medad he that measures; water of love Medan judgment; process Medeba waters of grief; waters springing up Media measure; habit; covering Megiddo his precious fruit; declaring a message Megiddon same as Megiddo Mehetabel how good is God Mehida a riddle; sharpness of wit Mehir a reward Mehujael who proclaims God Mehuman making an uproar; a multitude Mejarkon the waters of Jordan Mekonah a foot of a pillar; provision Melatiah deliverance of the Lord Melchi my king; my counsel Melchiah God is my king Melchi-shua king of health; magnificent king Melchizedek king of justice Melea supplying; supplied Melech king; counselor Melita affording honey Mellicu his kingdom; his counselor Melzar circumcision of a narrow place, or of a bond Memphis abode of the good Memucan impoverished; to prepare; certain; true Menahem comforter; who conducts them; preparation of heat Menan numbered; rewarded; prepared Mene who reckons or is counted Meonenim charmers, regarders of times Mephaath appearance, or force, of waters Mephibosheth out of my mouth proceeds reproach Merab he that fights or disputes Meraioth bitterness; rebellious; changing Merari bitter; to provoke Mercurius an orator; an interpreter Mered rebellious, ruling Meremoth bitterness; myrrh of death Meres defluxion; imposthume Meribah dispute; quarrel Meribbaal he that resists Baal; rebellion Merodach bitter contrition Merodach-baladan bitter contrition, without judgment Merom eminences; elevations Meronothite my singing; rejoicing; bearing rule Meroz secret, leanness Mesha burden; salvation Meshach that draws with force Meshech who is drawn by force Meshelemiah peace, or perfection, of the Lord Meshezaheel God taking away; the salvation of God Meshillamith peaceable; perfect; giving again Meshullam peaceable; perfect; their parables Mesobaite the Lord's standing-place; a little doe Mesopotamia between two rivers Messiah anointed Metheg-ammah bridle of bondage Methusael who demands his death Methusaleh he has sent his death Meunim dwelling-places; afflicted Mezahab gilded Miamin the right hand Mibhar chosen; youth Mibsam smelling sweet Mibzar defending; forbidding; taking away Micah poor; humble Micaiah who is like to God? Micha same as Micaiah Michaiah or Michael same as Micah Michal who is perfect? Michmach he that strikes Michmethah the gift or death of a striker Michri selling Michtam golden psalm Middin judgment; striving Midian judgment; covering; habit Migdalel tower of God Migdalgad tower compassed about Migdol a tower Migron fear; farm; throat Mijamin right hand Mikloth little wants; little voices; looking downwardMinneiah possession of the Lord Milalai circumcision; my talk Milcah queen Milcom their king Miletum red; scarlet Millo fullness Miniamin right hand Minni reckoned; prepared Minnith same as Minni Miriam rebellion Mishael who is asked for or lent Mishal parables; governing Misham their savior; taking away Misheal requiring; lent; pit Mishma hearing; obeying Mishmannah fatness; taking away provision Mishraites spread abroad Mispar or Mispereth numbering; showing; increase of tribute Misrephoth-maim hot waters Mithcah sweetness; pleasantness Mithnite loin; gift; hope Mithredath breaking the law Mitylene purity; cleansing; press Mizar little Mizpah or Mizpeh a watch-tower; speculation Mizraim tribulations Mizzah defluxion from the head Mnason a diligent seeker; an exhorter Moab of his father Moladah birth; generation Molech or Moloch king Molid nativity; generation Mordecai contrition; bitter; bruising Moreh stretching Moriah bitterness of the Lord Moserah or Moseroth erudition; discipline Moses taken out; drawn forth Mozah unleavened Muppim out of the mouth; covering Mushi he that touches, that withdraws or takes away Myra I flow; pour out; weep Mysia criminal; abominable Naam  fair; pleasant Naamah or Naaman beautiful; agreeable Naarah or Naarai young person Naashon that foretells; that conjectures Nabal fool; senseless Naboth words; prophecies Nachon ready; sure Nachor same as Nahor Nadab free and voluntary gift; prince Nagge clearness; brightness; light Nahaliel inheritance; valley of God Nahallal praised; bright Naham or Nahamani comforter; leader Naharai my nostrils; hot; anger Nahash snake; serpent Nahath rest; a leader Nahbi very secret Nahor hoarse; dry; hot Nahshon same as Naashon Nahum comforter; penitent Nain beauty; pleasantness Naioth beauties; habitations Naomi beautiful; agreeable Naphish the soul; he that rests, refreshes himself, or respires Naphtali that struggles or fights Narcissus astonishment; stupidity Nason helper; entry-way Nathan given; giving; rewarded Nathanael the gift of God Nathan-melech the gift of the king, or of counsel Naum same as Nahum Nazareth separated; crowned; sanctified Nazarite one chosen or set apart Neah moved; moving Neapolis the new city Neariah child of the Lord Nebai budding; speaking; prophesying Nebaioth words; prophecies; buds Neballat prophecy; budding Nebat that beholds Nebo that speaks or prophesies Nebuchadnezzar or Nebuchadrezzar tears and groans of judgment Nebushasi-hahban speech; prophecy; springing; flowing Nebuzar-adan fruits or prophecies of judgment Necho lame; beaten Nedabiah prince or vow of the Lord Neginoth stringed instruments Nehelamite dreamer; vale; brook Nehemiah consolation; repentance of the Lord Nehum comforter; penitent Nehushta made of brass Nehushtan a trifling thing of brass Neiel commotion, or moving, of God Nekoda painted; inconstant Nemuel the sleeping of God Nepheg weak; slacked Nephish same as Naphish Nephishesim diminished; torn in pieces Nephthalim same as Naphtali Nephthoah opening; open Nephusim same as Nephishesim Ner a lamp; new-tilled land Nereus same as Ner Nergal the great man; the hero Nergal-sharezer treasurer of Nergal Neri my light Neriah light; lamp of the Lord Nethaneel same as Nathanael Nethaniah the gift of the Lord Nethinims given or offered Neziah conqueror; strong Nezib standing-place Nibhaz budding; prophesying Nibshan prophecy; growing of a tooth Nicanor a conqueror; victorious Nicodemus victory of the people Nicolas same as Nicodemus Nicolaitanes followers of Nicolas Nicopolis the city of victory Niger black Nimrah or Nimrim leopard; bitterness; rebellion Nimrod rebellion (but probably an unknown Assyrian word) Nimshi rescued from danger Nineveh handsome; agreeable Nisan standard; miracle Nisroch flight; proof; temptation; delicate No stirring up; forbidding Noadiah witness, or ornament, of the Lord Noah repose; consolation Noah that quavers or totters (Zelophehad's daughter) Nob discourse; prophecy Nobah that barks or yelps Nod vagabond; fugitive Nodab vowing of his own accord Noe same as Noah Nogah brightness; clearness Noha rest; a guide Non posterity; a fish; eternal Noph honeycomb; anything that distills or drops Nophah fearful; binding Nun same as Non Nymphas spouse; bridegroom Obadiah servant of the Lord Obal inconvenience of old age Obed a servant; workman Obed-edom servant of Edom Obil that weeps; who deserves to be bewailed Oboth dragons; fathers; desires Ocran a disturber; that disorders Oded to sustain, hold or lift up Og a cake; bread baked in ashes Ohad praising; confessing Ohel tent; tabernacle; brightness Olympas heavenly Omar he that speaks; bitter Omega the last letter of the Greek alphabet; long O Omri sheaf of corn On pain; force; iniquity Onam or Onan same as On Onesimus profitable; useful Onesiphorus who brings profit Ono grief or strength or iniquity of him Ophel a tower; darkness; small white cloud Ophir fruitful region Ophni wearisomeness; folding together Ophrah dust; lead; a fawn Oreb a raven Ornan that rejoices Orpah the neck or skull Oshea same as Joshua Othni my time; my hour Othniel the hour of God Ozem that fasts; their eagerness Ozias strength from the Lord Ozni an ear; my hearkening Paarai opening Padan-aram cultivated field or table-land Padon his redemption; ox-yoke Pagiel prevention, or prayer, of God Pahath-Moab ruler of Moab Pai or Pau howling; sighing Palal thinking Palestina which is covered; watered; or brings and causes ruin Pallu marvelous; hidden Palti deliverance; flight Paltiel deliverance; or banishment, of God Pamphylia a nation made up of every tribe Paphos which boils, or is very hot Parah a cow; increasing Paran beauty; glory; ornament Parbar a suburb Parmashta a yearling bull Parmenas that abides, or is permanent Parnach a bull striking, or struck Parosh a flea; the fruit of a moth Parshandatha given by prayer Paruah flourishing; that flies away Pasach thy broken piece Pasdammin portion or diminishing of blood Paseah passing over; halting Pashur that extends or multiplies the hole; whiteness Patara trodden under foot Pathros or Pathrusim mouthful of dough; persuasion of ruin Patmos mortal Patrobas paternal; that pursues the steps of his father Pau same as Pai Paul small; little Paulus same as Paul Pedahzur strong or powerful savior; stone of redemption Pedaiah redemption of the Lord Pekah he that opens; that is at liberty Pekahiah it is the Lord that opens Pekod noble; rulers Pelaiah the Lord's secret or miracle Pelaliah entreating the Lord Pelatiah let the Lord deliver; deliverance of the Lord Peleg division Pelethites judges; destroyers Pelonite falling; secret Peniel face or vision of God; that sees God Peninnah pearl; precious stone; the face Pentapolis five cities Pentateuch the five books of Moses Pentecost fiftieth Penuel same as Peniel Peor hole; opening Perazim divisions Peresh horseman Perez divided Perez-Uzza division of Uzza, or of strength Perga very earthy Pergamos height; elevation Perida separation; division Perizzites dwelling in villages Persia that cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon; a horseman Persis same as Persia Peruda same as Perida Peter a rock or stone Pethahiah the Lord opening; gate of the Lord Pethuel mouth of God; persuasion of God Peulthai my works Phalec same as Peleg Phallu or Pallu admirable; hidden Palti deliverance, flight Phanuel face or vision of God Pharaoh that disperses; that spoils Pharez division; rupture Pharisees set apart Pharpar that produces fruit Phebe shining; pure Phenice or Phoenicia red; purple Phichol the mouth of all, or every tongue Philadelphia love of a brother Philemon who kisses Philetus amiable; beloved Philip warlike; a lover of horses Philippi same as Philip in the plural Philistines those who dwell in villages Philologus a lover of letters, or of the word Phinehas bold aspect; face of trust or protection Phlegon zealous; burning Phrygia dry; barren Phurah that bears fruit, or grows Phygellus fugitive Phylacteries things to be especially observed Pi-beseth abode of the goddess Bahest or Bast Pi-hahiroth the mouth; the pass of Hiroth Pilate armed with a dart Pinon pearl; gem; that beholds Piram a wild ass of them Pirathon his dissipation or deprivation; his rupture Pisgah hill; eminence; fortress Pisidia pitch; pitchy Pison changing; extension of the mouth Pithom their mouthful; a dilatation of the mouth Pithon mouthful; persuasion Pochereth cutting of the mouth of warfare Pontius marine; belonging to the sea Pontus the sea Poratha fruitful Potiphar bull of Africa; a fat bull Potipherah that scatters abroad, or demolishes, the fat Prisca ancient Priscilla same as Prisca Prochorus he that presides over the choirs Puah mouth; corner; bush of hair Publius common Pudens shamefaced Pul bean; destruction Punites beholding; my face Punon precious stone; that beholds Pur or Purim lot Putiel God is my fatness Puteoli sulphureous wells Quartus fourth Raamah greatness; thunder; some sort of evil Raamiah thunder, or evil, from the Lord Rabbah great; powerful; contentious Rabbi or Rabboni my master Rabmag who overthrows or destroys a multitude Rab-saris chief of the eunuchs Rab-shakeh cup-bearer of the prince Raca worthless; good-for-nothing Rachab same as Rahab Rachal to whisper; an embalmer Rachel sheep Raddai ruling; coming down Ragau friend; shepherd Raguel shepherd, or friend of God Rahab proud; quarrelsome (applied to Egypt) Rahab large; extended (name of a woman) Raham compassion; a friend Rakkath empty; temple of the head Rakkon vain; void; mountain of enjoyment Ram elevated; sublime Ramah same as Ram Ramath or Ramatha raised; lofty Ramathaim-zophim the two watch-towers Ramath-lehi elevation of the jaw-bone Ramath-mizpeh elevation of the watch-tower Ramiah exaltation of the Lord Ramoth eminences; high places Raphah or Raphu relaxation; physic; comfort Reaiah vision of the Lord Reba the fourth; a square; that lies or stoops down Rebekah fat; fattened; a quarrel appeased Rechab square; chariot with team of four horses Reelaiah shepherd or companion to the Lord Regem that stones or is stoned; purple Regemmelech he that stones the king; purple of the king Rehabiah breadth, or extent, of the Lord Rehob breadth; space; extent Rehoboam who sets the people at liberty Rehoboth spaces; places Rehum merciful; compassionate Rei my shepherd; my companion; my friend Rekem vain pictures; divers picture Remaliah the exaltation of the Lord Remmon greatness; elevation; a pomegranate-tree Remphan prepared; arrayed Rephael the physic or medicine of God Rephaiah medicine or refreshment of the Lord Rehpaim giants; physicians; relaxed Rephidim beds; places of rest Resen a bridle or bit Reu his friend; his shepherd Reuben who sees the son; the vision of the son Reuel the shepherd or friend of God Reumah lofty; sublime Rezeph pavement; burning coal Rezin good-will; messenger Rezon lean; small; secret; prince Rhegium rupture; fracture Rhesa will; course Rhoda a rose Rhodes same as Rhoda Ribai strife Riblah quarrel; greatness to him Rimmon exalted; pomegranate Rinnah song; rejoicing Riphath remedy; medicine; release; pardon Rissah watering; distillation; dew Rithmah juniper; noise Rizpah bed; extension; a coal Rogelim a foot or footman Rohgah filled or drunk with talk Romamti-ezer exaltation of help Roman strong; powerful Rome strength; power Rosh the head; top, or beginning Rufus red Ruhamah having obtained mercy Rumah exalted; sublime; rejected Ruth drunk; satisfied Sabaoth Lord of hosts Sabeans captivity; conversion; old age Sabtah a going about or circuiting; old age Sabtechah that surrounds; that causes wounding Sacar wares; a price Sadducees followers of Sadoc or Zadok Sadoc or Zadok, just; righteous Salah mission; sending Salamis shaken; test; beaten Salathiel asked or lent of God Salcah thy basket; thy lifting up Salem complete or perfect peace Salim foxes; fists; path Sallai or Sallu an exaltation; a basket Salma peace; perfection Salmon peaceable; perfect; he that rewards Salome same as Salmon Samaria watch-mountain Samlah his raiment; his left hand; his astonishment Samos full of gravel Samothracia an island possessed by the Samians and Thracians Samson his sun; his service; there the second time Samuel heard of God; asked of God Sanballat bramble-bush; enemy in secret Sanhedrin sitting together Sansannah bough or bramble of the enemy Saph rushes; sea-moss Saphir delightful Sapphira that relates or tells Sarah lady; princess; princess of the multitude Sarai my lady; my princess Sardis prince of joy Sardites removing a dissension Sarepta a goldsmith's shop Sargon who takes away protection Sarid remaining; hand of a prince Saron same as Sharon Sarsechim master of the wardrobe Saruch branch; layer; lining Satan contrary; adversary; enemy; accuser Saul demanded; lent; ditch; death Sceva disposed; prepared Seba a drunkard; that turns Sebat twig; scepter; tribe Secacah shadow; covering; defense Sechu defense; bough Secundus second Segub fortified; raised Seir or Seirath hairy; goat; demon; tempest Sela a rock Sela-hammahlekoth rock of divisions Selah the end; a pause Seled affliction; warning Seleucia shaken or beaten by the waves Sem same as Shem Semachiah joined to the Lord Semaiah obeying the Lord Semei hearing; obeying Senaah bramble; enemy Seneh same as Senaah Senir bed-candle; changing Sennacherib bramble of destruction Seorim gates; hairs; tempests Sephar book; scribe; number Sepharad a book descending Sepharvaim the two books; the two scribes Serah lady of scent; song; the morning star Seraiah prince of the Lord Seraphim burning; fiery Sered dyer's vat Sergius net Serug branch; layer; twining Seth put; who puts; fixed Sethur hid; destroying Shaalabbim understanding, or son of a fox Shaalbim that beholds the heart Shaalbonite a fox's building Schaaph fleeing; thinking Shaaraim gates; valuation; hairs Shaashgaz he that presses the fleece; that shears the sheep Shabbethai my rest Shachia protection of the Lord Shadrach tender, nipple Shage touching softly; multiplying much Shalem same as Salem Shalim same as Salim Shalisha three; the third; prince; captain Shallum perfect; agreeable Shalmai my garment Shalman peaceable; perfect; that rewards Shalmaneser peace; tied; chained; perfection; retribution Shamariah throne or keeping of the Lord Shamed destroying; wearing out Shamer keeper; thorn; dregs Shamgar named a stranger; he is here a stranger Shamhuth desolation; destruction Shamir or Shamer prison; bush; lees; thorn Shammah loss; desolation; astonishment Shammai my name; my desolations Shammoth names; desolations Shammuah he that is heard; he that is obeyed Shamsherai there a singer or conqueror Shapham or Shaphan rabbit; wild rat; their lip; their brink Shaphat judge Sharai my lord; my prince; my song Sharar navel; thought; singing Sharezer overseer of the treasury, or of the storehouse Sharon his plain; his song Shashai rejoicing; mercy; linen Shashak a bag of linen; the sixth bag Shaul or Saul asked; lent; a grave Shaveh the plain; that makes equality Shealtiel same as Salathiel Sheariah gate of the Lord; tempest of the Lord Shear-jashub the remnant shall return Sheba captivity; old man; repose; oath Shebam compassing about; old men Shebaniah the Lord that converts, or recalls from captivity Shebarim breakings; hopes Sheber breaking; hope Shebna who rests himself; who is now captive Shebuel turning, or captivity, or seat, of God Shecaniah habitation of the Lord Shechem part; portion; back early in the morning Shedeur field of light; light of the Almighty Shehariah mourning or blackness of the Lord Shelah that breaks; that unties; that undresses Shelemiah God is my perfection; my happiness; my peace Sheleph who draws out Shelesh captain; prince  Shelomior Shelomith my peace; my happiness; my recompense Shelumiel same as Shelemiah Shem name; renown Shema hearing; obeying Shemaiah that hears or obeys the Lord Shemariah God is my guard Shemeber name of force; name of the strong Shemer guardian; thorn Shemida name of knowledge; that puts knowledge Sheminith eighth (an eight-stringed instrument) Shemiramoth the height of the heavens Shemuel appointed by God Shen tooth; ivory; change Shenazar treasurer of a tooth Shenir lantern; light that sleeps Shephatiah the Lord that judges Shephi beholder; honeycomb; garment Shepho desert Shephuphan serpent Sherah flesh; relationship Sherebiah singing with the Lord Sheshach bag of flax or linen Sheshai six; mercy; flax Sheshan lily; rose; joy; flax Sheshbazzar joy in tribulation; joy of the vintage Shethar putrefied; searching Shethar-boznai that makes to rot; that seeks those who despise me Sheva vanity; elevation; fame; tumult Shibboleth or Sibboleth ear of corn; stream or flood Shibmah overmuch captivity, or sitting Shicron drunkenness; his gift; his wages Shiggaion a song of trouble or comfort Shihon sound; wall of strength Shihor-libnah blackness of Libnah Shilhi or Shilhim bough; weapon; armor Shillem peace; perfection; retribution Shiloah same as Siloah Shiloh sent Shiloh (name of a city) peace; abundance Shilom tarrying; peace-maker Shilshah three; chief; captain Shimeah or Shimeath that hears, or obeys; perdition Shimei or Shimi that hears or obeys; my reputation; my fame Shimeon same as Simeon Shimma same as Shimeah Shimon providing well; fatness; oil Shimrath hearing; obedient Shimshai my son Shimri thorn; dregs Shimrith or Shimron same as Shimri Shinab father of changing Shinar watch of him that sleeps Shiphi multitude Shiphrah handsome; trumpet; that does good Shisha of marble; pleasant Shishak present of the bag; of the pot; of the thigh Shitrai gatherer of money Shittim thorns Shiza this gift Shoa kings; tyrants Shobab returned; turned back; a spark Shobach your bonds; your chains Shobai turning captivity Shobal path; ear of corn Shobek made void; forsaken Shochoh defense; a bough Shoham keeping back Shomer keeper; dregs Shophach pouring out Shophan rabbit; hid Shoshannim those that shall be changed Shua crying; saving Shuah ditch; swimming; humiliation Shual fox; path; first Shubael returning captivity; seat of God Shuham talking; thinking; humiliation; budding Shulamite peaceable; perfect; that recompenses Shunem their change; their sleep Shuni changed; sleeping Shuphim or Shuppim wearing them out; their shore Shur wall; ox; that beholds Shushan lily; rose; joy Shuthelah plant; verdure; moist; pot Sia moving; help Sibbechai bough; cottage; of springs Sibmah conversion; captivity Sichem portion; shoulder Siddim the tilled field Sidon hunting; fishing; venison Sigionoth according to variable songs or tunes, Sihon rooting out; conclusion Sihor black; trouble (the river Nile) Silas three, or the third Silla exalting Siloa, Siloam, Siloe same as Shilhi Silvanus who loves the forest Simeon that hears or obeys; that is heard Simon that hears; that obeys Sin bush Sinai a bush; enmity Sinim south country, Sion noise; tumult Sippai threshold; silver cup Sinon a breast-plate; deliverance Sisamai house; blindness Sisera that sees a horse or a swallow Sitnah hatred Sivan a bush or thorn Smyrna myrrh So a measure for grain; vail Socoh tents; tabernacles Sodi my secret Sodom their secret; their cement Solomon peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses Sopater or Sosipater who defends the father Sophereth scribe, numbering Sorek vine; hissing; a color inclining to yellow Sosthenes savior; strong; powerful Sotai conclusion in pleading; binding Spain rare; precious Stachys spike or ear of corn Stephanas crown; crowned Stephen same as Stephanas Suah speaking; entreating; ditch Succoth tents; tabernacles Succoth-benoth the tents of daughters, or young women; or prostitutes Sud my secret Sur that withdraws or departs; rebellion Susanna lily; rose; joy Susi horse; swallow; moth Sychar end Syene a bush; enmity Syntyche that speaks or discourses Syracuse that draws violently Taanach who humbles thee; who answers thee Taanach-shilo breaking down a fig-tree Tabbath good; goodness Tabeal or Tabeel good God Taberah burning Tabitha clear-sighted; a roe-deer Tabor choice; purity; bruising Tabrimon good pomegranate; the navel; the middle Tadmor the palm-tree; bitterness Tahan beseeching; merciful Tahapenes secret temptation Tahath fear; going down Tahpenes standard; flight; temptation Tahrea anger; wicked contention Talitha-cumi young woman, arise Talmai my furrow; that suspends the waters; heap of waters Tamah blotting or wiping out; smiting Tamar palm; palm-tree Tammuz abstruse; concealed; consumed Tanach same as Taanach Tanhumeth consolation; repentance Taphath distillation; drop Tappuah apple; swelling Tarah a hair; a wretch; one banished Taralah searching out slander, or strength Tarea howling; doing evil Tarpelites ravishers; succession of miracles Tarshish contemplation; examination Tarsus winged; feathered Tartak chained; bound; shut up Tartan a general (official title) Tatnai that gives; the overseer of the gifts and tributes Tebah murder; butchery; guarding of the body; a cook Tebaliah baptism, or goodness, of the Lord Tebeth good, goodness (the tenth month of the Hebrews) Tehinnah entreaty; a favor Tekel weight Tekoa trumpet; that is confirmed Telabib a heap of new grain Telah moistening; greenness Telassar taking away; heaping up Telem their dew; their shadow Telharsa suspension of the plow Tel-melah heap of salt Tema admiration; perfection; consummation Teman or Temani the south; Africa; perfect Terah to breathe; scent; blow Teraphim images; idols Tertius third Tertullus third Tetrarch governor of a fourth part Thaddeus that praises or confesses Thahash that makes haste; that keeps silence Thamah that blots out; that suppresses Tharah same as Terah Thebez muddy; eggs; fine linen or silk Thelasar same as Telassar Theophilus friend of God Thessalonica victory against the Thessalians Theudas flowing with water Thomas a twin Thummim perfection; truth Thyatira a perfume; sacrifice of labor Tibbath killing; a cook Tiberias good vision; the navel Tiberius the son of Tiber Tibni straw; hay Tidal that breaks the yoke; knowledge of elevation Tiglath-pileser that binds or takes away captivity Tikvah hope; a little line; congregation Tilon murmuring Timeus perfect; admirable; honorable Timnah forbidding Timnath image; figure; enumeration Timnath-heres or Timnath-serah image of the sun; numbering of the rest Timon honorable; worthy Timotheus honor of God; valued of God Tiphsah passage; leap; step; the Passover Tirhakah inquirer; examiner; dull observer Tiria searching out Tirshatha a governor Tirzah benevolent; complaisant; pleasing Tishbite that makes captive Titus pleasing Toah weapon; dart Tob good; goodness Tob-adonijah my good God; the goodness of the foundation of the Lord Tobiah or Tobijah the Lord is good Tochen middle Togarmah which is all bone Tohu that lives; that declares Toi who wanders Tola worm; grub; scarlet Tolad a generation Tophel ruin; folly; without understanding Tophet a drum; betraying Trachonitis stony Troas penetrated Trophimus well educated; well brought up Tryphena delicious; delicate Tryphon masculine of Tryphena Tryphosa thrice shining Tubal the earth; the world; confusion Tubal-cain worldly possession; possessed of confusion Tychicus casual; by chance Tyrannus a prince; one that reigns Tyre or Tyrus strength; rock; sharp Ucal power, prevalency Uel desiring God Ulai strength; fool; senseless Ulam the porch; the court; their strength; their folly Ulla elevation; leaf; young child Ummah darkened; covered; his people Unni poor; afflicted; that answers Uphaz pure gold; gold of Phasis or Pison Upharsin divided Ur fire, light, a valley Urbane courteous Uri my light, my fire Uriah or Urijah the Lord is my light or fire Uriel same as Uriah Urim lights; fires Uthai my iniquity Uz counsel; words Uzai he Uzal wandering Uzzah strength; goat Uzzen-sherah ear of the flesh Uzzi my strength; my kid Uzziah or Uzziel the strength, or kid, of the Lord Vajezatha sprinkling the chamber Vaniah nourishment, or weapons, of the Lord Vashni the second; changed; a tooth Vashti that drinks; thread Vophsi fragrant; diminution Zaanannim movings; a person asleep Zaavan trembling Zabad dowry; endowed Zabbai flowing Zabdi same as Zabad Zaccai pure meat; just Zaccheus pure; clean; just Zaccur of the male kind; mindful Zachariah memory of the Lord Zadok just; justified Zaham crime; filthiness; impurity Zair little; afflicted; in tribulation Zalaph shadow; ringing; shaking Zalmon his shade; his image Zalmonah the shade; the sound of the number; his image Zalmunna shadow; image; idol forbidden Zamzummims projects of crimes; enormous crimes Zanoah forgetfulness; desertion Zaphnath-paaneah one who discovers hidden things Zarah east; brightness Zareah leprosy; hornet Zared strange descent Zarephath ambush of the mouth Zaretan tribulation; perplexity Zatthu olive tree Zaza belonging to all Zebadiah portion of the Lord; the Lord is my portion Zebah victim; sacrifice Zebedee abundant; portion Zebina flowing now; selling; buying Zeboiim deer; goats Zebudah endowed; endowing Zebul a habitation Zebulun or Zebulon dwelling; habitation Zechariah same as Zachariah Zedad his side; his hunting Zedekiah the Lord is my justice; the justice of the Lord Zeeb wolf Zelah rib; side; halting Zelek the shadow or noise of him that licks or laps Zelophehad the shade or tingling of fear Zelotes zealous Zelzah noontide Zemaraim wool; pith Zemira song; vine; palm Zenan coldness; target; weapon Zenas living Zephaniah the Lord is my secret Zephath which beholds; that attends or that covers Zepho or Zephon that sees and observes; that expects or covers Zer perplexity Zerah same as Zarah Zerahiah the Lord rising; brightness of the Lord Zeredah ambush; change of dominion Zeresh misery; strange; dispersed inheritance Zereth same as Zer Zeror root; that straitens or binds; that keeps tight Zeruah leprous; wasp; hornet Zerubbabel a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion Zeruiah pain or tribulation of the Lord Zethar he that examines or beholds Zia sweat; swelling Ziba army; fight; strength Zibeon iniquity that dwells Zibiah the Lord dwells; deer; goat Zichri that remembers; that is a man Ziddim huntings; treasons; destructions Zidkijah justice of the Lord Zidon hunting; fishing; venison Zif this or that; brightness; comeliness Ziha brightness; whiteness; drought Ziklag measure pressed down Zillah shadow; the tingling of the ear Zilpah distillation from the mouth Zilthai my shadow; my talk Zimmah thought; wickedness Zimran song; singer; vine Zimzi my field; my vine Zin buckler; coldness Zina shining; going back Zion monument; raised up; sepulcher Zior ship of him that watches Ziph this mouth or mouthful; falsehood Ziphron falsehood of a song; rejoicing Zippor bird; sparrow; crown; desert Zipporah beauty; trumpet; mourning Zithri to hide; demolished Ziz flower; branch; a lock of hair Ziza same as Zina Zoan motion Zoar little; small Zobah or Zobebah an army; warring Zohar white; bright; dryness Zoheleth that creeps, slides, or draws Zoheth separation; amazing Zophah viol; honeycomb Zophar rising early; crown Zophim place for a watchman Zorah leprosy; scab; hornet Zorobabel same as Zerubbabel Zuar same as Zoar Zuph that beholds, observes, watches; roof; covering Zur stone; rock; that besieges Zuriel rock or strength of God Zurishaddai the Almighty is my rock and strength Zuzims the posts of a door; splendor; beauty.#

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