Friday, December 30, 2011

Wrongful Conviction of Jesus Christ Versus Wrongful Convictions of Innocent People in the World

1. World Alliance of Reformed Churches Opinion on Wrongful Convictions of Innocent People,
2. Jesus Christ was wrongly convicted,
3. Jewish hatred against Jesus Christ,
4. Saddest innocent convictions in the world,
5. Most shocking wrongful convictions,
6. Death penalty of innocent people due to wrongful convictions,
7. 10,000 innocent people convicted each year, study estimates,
8. Truth reveals in justice: wrongful conviction of innocent people,
9. A constituency for the innocent: about the center on wrongful
10. Innocence project: reasons for wrongful convictions,
11. The causes of wrongful conviction,
12. Lists of innocent people wrongly convicted of crimes,
13. What is circumstantial evidence? How reliable is circumstantial evidence?
14. Lists of innocent people wrongly convicted of crimes in India (only by
      Circumstantial evidence) (High Court & Supreme Court cases),

1. WORLD ALLIANCE OF REFORMED CHURCHES OPINION ON WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE (“Shameful record of convicting innocent people”). Source:-Update Magazine, Editor: Paraic Reamonn. WARC, Geneva, March 2000. Vol.10, No.1.

DEAD MEN WALKING FREE. Anthony Porter spent 16 years on death row and was 5 hours away from execution by lethal injection when another man confessed to the murders for which he was falsely convicted. Two days later he walked free from his prison in Chicago, Illinois. “Them crooked cops framed me,” he said. “They didn’t care nothing for the truth. It hurt me so much. My life is torn apart.” That was in February 1999.

On January 31, 2000, Republican governor George Ryan declared a moratorium on executions in the state of Illinois. Previously, an enthusiast for death by lethal injection, he was won over by the Porter case and others like it. Illinois, said Ryan, had a “shameful record of convicting innocent people.” Since the death penalty was re-introduced in the state in 1977, 13 inmates on death row have been proved innocent – more than have been executed.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Story of Christmas Begins Humbly (Luke 2:1-20)


       1.    INTRODUCTION:
Some years ago there was a Christmas program titled “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.” The story line concerned a confused little girl who questioned whether there was a real Santa. She wrote a letter about her quandary to the New York Sun newspaper.

The editor read the letter and mulled it over in his mind. He wrote an editorial appearing in the paper as a response to Virginia’s quest for truth. He wrote about the spirit of goodwill and make-believe wrapped up in a mythical character that appears in a red suit with white beard and hair.

Some people are as confused about Jesus as Virginia was about Santa. As Christians, we need to respond to the Virginias who ask, Is there a real Jesus?” We can confirm,Yes, Virginia, there is a real Jesus.” His story begins humbly.

Paying taxes is never a pleasure. Imagine having to travel 80 miles to register to do it! That’s exactly what Joseph and Mary were obliged to do. Rome required their subjects to go to their own tribal city to sign up for the assessing of taxes.

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