Monday, September 24, 2012

The Judgment of God (Rom. 2:1-16)


 1. Introduction:
In the first section of Romans, Paul demonstrates the dastardly nature of sin. In Romans, Paul beautifully balances and emphasizes the nature of God – His love, forgiveness, and righteousness as well as His wrath and judgment – and the eternal destiny of those who reject Him.

Paul declares that the Gentiles are terribly, grossly, sinful (Chap. 1). Paul also shows that the Jews are also sinful (Chap. 2). In Romans 3, we discover Paul’s belief that Every-one is sinful. God’s judgment is always based upon the fact of sin and the potential of salvation through Jesus Christ.

God judgment is unwelcome news. We don’t want to hear about it. However, the bad news must be heard before we can be receptive to the Good News. One reason the church has not done as well stems from the fact that until people are convinced of their sin through the bad news about the reality of judgment, they cannot become receptive to the good news about Jesus’ love and forgiveness. 

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