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Love is Better Than Death {Song of Songs 8:6}

King Solomon & Shulamite
The Woman of Shulam
In only one instance does the Song of Solomon identify the bride in the poem as the “Woman of Shulam” (Song 6:13), and no other references directly reveal her identity. Who, then, was this young woman who so passionately became the object of Solomon’s affections? 

Several suggestions have been made. She may have been a woman from Shunem, a town in the territory of Issachar near Jezreel. If so, she would have been known as a Shunammite, but by interchanging the Hebrew letters lamed (l) and nun (n), which was sometimes done, she could also have been known as a Shulamite.

She may have been Abishag, the Shunammite maiden who was at David’s side in his old age (1 Kings 1:1-4, 15). Upon David’s death, one of his sons, Adonijah, requested that he be given Abishag. But this was improper in that Solomon, David’s named successor, was entitled to her along with David’s other wives and concubines (2:17-22). It may be that “Shulamite” could also be rendered “Shelomite” which would make the name a feminine title related to the name Solomon, something like “the Solomoness.”

History of Love
Human history and literature are filled with stories of the challenges and failures of people in love. Love has produced great tragedies, as well as great achievements. Let me give a few examples, the heart-touching love story between Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare’s writing. Love that gave-up his throne, a love story between King Edward VIII and his lover American Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson, and also a love story between Prince Charles and Mrs. Cammila Parker Bowls. 

Last but not the least, a love that build Taj Mahal, which became one of the 7 wonders of the world, a great love story between Shah Jahan and his third wife Mumtaz Mahal, etc.
Shah Jahan Build Taj Mahal for his beloved Wife Mutaz Mahal, One of 7 Wonders of the World

Romeo & Juliet, William Shakespear Greatest Play-write of the World

Great Power of Love
The Bible also speaks extensively about the great power of love. 

1.     It can be “better than wine” (Song 1:21).
2.     It is “as strong as death” (8:6).
3.     It is greater even than Faith or Hope (1 Cor.13:13).
4.     It is the root of great evil when its object is money (1 Tim. 6:10).
5.     It “forgives all wrongs” (Prov. 10:12).
6.     Perfect love drives out fear” (1 John 4:18).
7.     The love of Christ is “greater than anyone can ever know” (Eph. 3:19).
8.     It is the only debt we ought to owe each other (Rom. 13:8).
9.     It is “not jealous” (1 Cor. 13:4).
10. It makes believers capable of blessing those who curse them, and doing good to    those who hate, spitefully use, or persecute them (Matt. 5:44).
11.  It is the essence of the commandments of God (Rom. 13:9, Gal. 5:14, James 2:8).
12.  Its absence is evidence that one does not know God (1 John 4:8, 12, 20).
13. It empowers people to give their lives for someone else, even as Christ did (John 15:13-17, Eph. 5:25-28).

Thoughts Provoking… 
God wants to help us rediscover love, so that we bring restoration and healing to ourselves and everyone we touch. This is basic to the message of Christ.

King Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson
Prince Charles and Mrs. Cammila Parker Bowls


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