Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Taking Sin Seriously (Leviticus 1:3-5) {My Meditation}

The ancient Israelites took sin far more seriously than we do. The regular burnt-offering sacrifices (Lev. 1:3-5). They offered required the sacrifice of both finances and time, as well as the ability to slit an animal’s throat.

The required sacrifice for the burnt offering was a bull, which was to be among the best of the herd. Even those who could not afford bulls had to make sacrifices in line with their means (1:10, 14, 5:7-8).

As people slaughtered animals, they were accompanied by other worshipers slaughtering their animals. As each one listened one listened to the death cries of cattle, sheep and birds, everyone realized the dreadful effects of sins, and that relatives, neighbors, even leaders were sinners who needed God’s forgiveness.

The sacrificial system reminded all who participated in it that sin stood between them and God, and that the penalty for sin was death. They were also reminded of God’s mercy, in that he accepted the death of an animal instead of a human’s death.

Regular and expensive animal sacrifices made it difficult to regard sin lightly. God takes our sin that seriously. So should we.


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