Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mentoring Other People {2 Tim. 2:2}

1.     Barnabas With Paul

Barnabas stood up for Saul (Paul), the persecutor turned convert, introducing him to Church leaders and vouching for his conversion. Coached by Barnabas (Acts 4:36-37; 9:26-30, 11:22-30), Paul became an outstanding leader in the burgeoning movement.

2.     Barnabas With John Mark
In a dramatic split with Paul, Barnabas took young John Mark home with him to Cyprus and rebuilt his confidence (15:36-39). Years later, Paul changed his opinion, describing John Mark as one who could help him in his work (2 Tim. 4:11).

3.     Priscilla And Aquila With Apollos
Priscilla and Aquila drew alongside gifted but confused Apollos, tutoring him in the faith and then sponsoring his ministry (Acts 18:1-3, 24-28).

4.     Paul With Timothy
Pioneering Leader Paul recruited young Timothy and built on the foundation laid by the young man’s mother and grandmother (2 Tim. 1:51). Enlisting him as a fellow traveler and tutoring him in the faith, Paul guided him in his first major assignment, the multi-ethnic startup at Ephesus (Acts 16:1-3, Phil. 2:19-23, 2 Tim. 1- 4).

5.     Paul With Philemon
Paul helped Philemon, a wealthy leader in Colossae, deal with a runaway slave who had broken the law. He recommended full acceptance even as a brother in the family rather than insisting on the usual retribution.


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