Friday, February 22, 2013

Quiet Living In A Hectic World

The hectic pace of modern life makes Paul’s exhortation “To Live a Peaceful Life” (1 Thes.4:11), especially important. How can one lead a quiet life when technology, media, and a global economy accelerate change and increase complexity?

Paul gives us an important first step in the exhortation to “take care of your own business.” The focus is on “Your Own” – being able to self-support. Concerning peaceful living, Paul was probably not objecting to noise and sound as such, but to needless distraction. One way that most people could bring a little more peace and quiet into their homes would be to cut their television viewing in half. Imagine the time left for family members and neighbors, personal reflection, and prayers!

However, the real trusts of this passage is not so much believers to lower the noise level around them as to live peaceably with others, without disturbance or conflict (cf. Rom. 12:18, Heb. 12:14).  Minding our own business and working for ourselves are both means to that end, the end of not having to depend on others for what we need (1 Thess. 4:12).

How can we live peaceably and peacefully with friends and neighbors? 

(1). By avoiding quarrels and complaints (Col. 3:13), 

(2). By refusing to take offense when others hurt us (Matt. 5:7-12), 

(3). By not getting entangled in the affairs of others (Prov. 6:1), 

(4). By humbly accepting the circumstances that God sends us for our good rather than grumbling (Rom. 8:28, Phil. 4:11-12).


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