Thursday, March 21, 2013

God And The Problem of Evil

Some Skeptics (atheists etc.) argue that if God did exist He would eliminate evil throughout the world. These Skeptics often argue the following points:-

1. A God who is good and loving would not allow evil and suffering in his world. Yet Evil exists in the world.

2. If God is all powerful, he could remove evil if grow worse. Yet evil remains. In fact, at times it seems to grow worse.

3. Therefore, a good and powerful God must not exist.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Genesis and Revelation – The First and Last Volumes


From Genesis, the first book in the Bible, to Revelation, the Bible’s closing book, God reveals much to us about his nature and his plans for us. In examining these two books, it’s interesting to compare the Genesis account of creation to Revelation’s depiction of a new heaven and earth:-

1. In Genesis, God creates the world. In Revelation, God creates a new heaven and earth.

2. In Genesis, the Devil introduces sin into the world. In Revelation, the Devil is defeated and destroyed; sin is done away with.

3. In Genesis, humanity falls into sin. In Revelation, God restores people to their original sinless-ness.

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