Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Genesis and Revelation – The First and Last Volumes

From Genesis, the first book in the Bible, to Revelation, the Bible’s closing book, God reveals much to us about his nature and his plans for us. In examining these two books, it’s interesting to compare the Genesis account of creation to Revelation’s depiction of a new heaven and earth:-

1. In Genesis, God creates the world. In Revelation, God creates a new heaven and earth.

2. In Genesis, the Devil introduces sin into the world. In Revelation, the Devil is defeated and destroyed; sin is done away with.

3. In Genesis, humanity falls into sin. In Revelation, God restores people to their original sinless-ness.

4. In Genesis, the world is subjected to a curse. In Revelation, the curse is removed.

5. In Genesis, people are separate from God. In Revelation, people live with God forever.

6. In Genesis, people shed tears and know sorrow. In Revelation, God wipes away every tear and removes sorrow.

7. In Genesis, people are barred from the tree of life. In Revelation, people may eat freely from the tree of life.

8. In Genesis, death enters the world. In Revelation, death is done away with and people live forever.

9. In Genesis, the languages of humanity are confused and the peoples scattered. In Revelation, the peoples of the world are brought together before Christ, and they sing his praises together.


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