Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Lover Is Mine And I Am His : Most Excellent Song Of All

Song of Songs 1:1. “Solomon’s Song of Songs”
The Song of Songs was composed by Solomon; but whether before his fall, or after his repentance, is not easy to determine, nor necessity to be known. The most excellent of all songs, whether composed by profane or sacred authors, by Solomon or by any other. So this Hebrew phrase is understood in other cases, as the holy of holies signifies the most holy; and the highest King is called King of kings; and there are multitudes of such instances, as hath been oft observed.

And so this might well be called, whether you consider the author of it, who was a great prince, and the wisest of all mortal men, the two Adams only excepted; or the subject of it, which is not Solomon, but a greater than Solomon, even Christ, and his marriage with the church, as hath been noted; or the matter of it, which is most lofty and mysterious, containing in it the greatest and noblest of all the mysteries contained either in the Old or the New Testament; most pious and pathetical, breathing forth the hottest flames of love between Christ and his people; most sweet, and comfortable, and useful to all that read it with serious and Christian eyes.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Lover Is Mine And I Am His : An Expository Of The Song Of Songs

Before I come to the explication of this book, some things must be premised concerning this book.

The Divine inspiration is so clear and certain, that, as Jewish writers note, none ever questioned it, although some doubted of some other of Solomon's writings. And the same arguments which prove the divinity of other books are found here, such as the quality of the penman, who was confessedly a man inspired by God; the excellency and usefulness of the matter; the sacred and sublime majesty of the style, and the singular efficacy of it upon the heats of sober and serious persons, who read it with due preparation; and those other characters which are commonly known, and therefore it is needless here to enumerate.

The form of this book is dramatical, wherein several parts or parcels of it are uttered by or in the name of several persons, which are chiefly four, the bridegroom and the bride, and the friends or companions of the one and of the other. Nor is it declared what or when each of them speaks, but that is secretly couched, and is left to the observation of the prudent reader, as is usual in writings of this nature.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Remember The Past and Careful About The Future

FOOD FOR THOUGHT FROM  ISAIAH 48:1-22, AECS MORNING DEVOTION & BIBLE STUDY, FEB. 8, 2014 (SAT). ((Faculty & Students Present on the Prayer Ground 13 out of 170+)).

Before returning to their homeland, the people are reminded of the sins that led the nation into captivity. They must not repeat former errors. They must Repent sincerely. The people’s chief failing was that they honored God with their words but not with their conduct (vv.1-2). Knowing their tendency towards idolatry, God gave his people advance revelations of his will, to prevent them from turning to idols for guidance. But they still stubbornly rejected his teaching (vv.3-5).

God once again tells them his plans in advance, namely, that he is going to lead them back to their land. But he makes the announcement at the last minute, as it were, for their previous history has shown that they cannot be trusted. God is not going to give them the chance to claim that idols have brought them this deliverance (vv.6-8).

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