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My Lover Is Mine And I Am His : Most Excellent Song Of All

Song of Songs 1:1. “Solomon’s Song of Songs”
The Song of Songs was composed by Solomon; but whether before his fall, or after his repentance, is not easy to determine, nor necessity to be known. The most excellent of all songs, whether composed by profane or sacred authors, by Solomon or by any other. So this Hebrew phrase is understood in other cases, as the holy of holies signifies the most holy; and the highest King is called King of kings; and there are multitudes of such instances, as hath been oft observed.

And so this might well be called, whether you consider the author of it, who was a great prince, and the wisest of all mortal men, the two Adams only excepted; or the subject of it, which is not Solomon, but a greater than Solomon, even Christ, and his marriage with the church, as hath been noted; or the matter of it, which is most lofty and mysterious, containing in it the greatest and noblest of all the mysteries contained either in the Old or the New Testament; most pious and pathetical, breathing forth the hottest flames of love between Christ and his people; most sweet, and comfortable, and useful to all that read it with serious and Christian eyes.

Nor is it the worse because profane and wanton wits abuse it, and endeavor to fasten their absurd and filthy senses upon some passages in it. The truth is, this book requires a sober and pious, not a lascivious and foolish readier; for which reason some of the ancient Hebrews advised young men to forbear the reading of it, till they were thirty years old.

A description of the earnest longing of the Church after Christ, Song 1:1-4.
A confession of her deformity; prayed for direction (Song 1:5-7). 
Christ's direction and command, (Song 1:8). 
He showed his love to her both for her strength and comeliness (Song 1:9, 10), 
And gave her gracious promises, (Song 1:11). 
The Church's commendation of Christ both for the sweetness of fellowship with him, and the Excellency of ordinances, (Song 1:12-17).

To Be Continued...

((Source :- Poole etc. ))

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