Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Let Him Kiss Me With The Kisses of His Mouth (Song of Songs 1:2)

“Let Him Kiss Me With The Kisses Of His Mouth” Song of Songs 1:2

The beginning of this book is abrupt, and may seem disorderly; but is very suitable to and usual in writings of this nature, wherein things are not related in an historical and exquisite order, but that which was first done is brought in as it were accidentally after many other passages; as we see in Homer, and Virgil, and in the Greek and Latin comedians.

These are the words of the spouse, as all acknowledge, wherein she breathed forth her passionate love to the Bridegroom, whom she doth not name, but only intimate by the pronoun relative him, which is here put without and for the antecedent, as (Psalm 87:1, 114. John 1:20) which manner of expression she used, because it was needless to name him, as being so well known to the person or persons to whom site speaks, and being the only person who was continually in her thoughts and speeches.

By kisses, which were the usual tokens of love and good will, she means nothing else but the communications and manifestations of his love and favor to her, as the following clause explains this; his graces and comforts breathed into her from the mouth and Spirit of Christ.


1.1. Such as have the least taste of Christ's love, are impatient and restless in their desires after the nearest fellowship and communion with Him. The Church here desires Christ's manifestation in the flesh, that she might enjoy him in a Gospel-dispensation, and have sweeter discoveries of His favor: so in like manner the Church of the New Testament, who did enjoy all the privileges of the Gospel; yet she goes higher in her affections, and desires Christ's last coming, that so she might enjoy Him in that heavenly and everlasting communion, which the saints shall enjoy hereafter.

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