Friday, October 31, 2014

Israel and Gaza: Prophecy and History of Jewish Settlement In Gaza Strip

1. History of Gaza in Biblical Time
Gaza first appears in the Tanach as a Philistine city, the site of Samson's dramatic death. Jews finally conquered it in the Hasmonean era, and continued to live there. Notable residents include Dunash Ibn Labrat, and Nathan of Gaza, advisor to false messiah Shabtai Zvi. Gaza is within the boundaries of Shevet Yehuda in Biblical Israel (see Genesis 15, Joshua 15:47, Kings 15:47 and Judges 1:18) and therefore some have argued that there is a Halachic requirement to live in this land.

2. What Exactly Is The Gaza Strip?
The Gaza Strip is a roughly rectangular territory surrounding the city of Gaza, wedged between the Mediterranean Sea and Israel. To the southwest, it shares a seven-mileborder with Egypt. The region has a long history of occupation—by the ancient Egyptians, the Philistines, the Arabs, the Christian Crusaders, and the Ottomans. AfterWorld War I, the Gaza area became part of the British Mandate of Palestine, and it was occupied by Egypt in 1948, in the aftermath of the first Arab-Israeli war. Israel took control of the region during the Six-Day War in 1967, along with the West Bank, eastern Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula.

In 1994, Israel withdrew from parts of the Gaza Strip as part of its obligations under the Oslo Accords (which also affirmed the rights of the Palestinians to self-government). The Palestinian National Authority and Israel shared power in the Gaza Strip for the next 10 years, with the PNA administering civilian control and the Israelis overseeing military affairs as well as the borders, airspace, and remaining Israeli settlements.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Four Views of the Book of Revelation

The Debate
One of the most intriguing books of the Bible is the book of Revelation. The imagery of the cosmic battle in heaven and on earth makes it a fascinating book to study. However, much debate surrounds the proper interpretation of this apocalyptic work. Is this book a prophecy of future events yet to take place, or have the prophecies of this book been fulfilled?

Two popular authors highlight the debate that continues in our present time. In his hit series Left Behind, Tim LaHaye writes a fictional account based on his theological position that the events of Revelation will occur in the future. Popular radio talk show host Hank Hanegraaff responded by attacking the theology of LaHaye.

In his book The Apocalypse Code, Hanegraaff asserts that the events of Revelation were largely fulfilled in AD 70 with the fall of the Jerusalem Temple. He criticizes theologians like LaHaye for taking a hyper-literal approach to Revelation.{1} The debate has raised some confusion among Christians as to why there is such a debate and how we should interpret the book of Revelation.

The issues at the core of the debate between Hanegraaff and LaHaye are not new. Throughout church history, there have been four different views regarding the book of Revelation: Idealist, Preterist, Historicist, and Futurist. The Idealist view teaches that Revelation describes in symbolic language the battle throughout the ages between God and Satan and good against evil. The Preterist view teaches that the events recorded in the book of Revelation were largely fulfilled in AD 70 with the fall of the Jerusalem Temple.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Famous Rapture Watchers!

The following 77 Quotes (a couple more have been added) were first circulated in a little-known, Non-Copyrighted Paper of Dave MacPherson in the 1970's. While noting how Rev. 3:10 has been interpreted by the Greatest Greek Experts, can you determine the rapture view of each of the leaders herein?

1. Barnabas (AD 40-100):

"The final stumbling-block (or source of danger) approaches...for the whole [past] time of your faith will profit you nothing, unless now in this wicked time we also withstand coming sources of danger....That the Black One [Antichrist] may find no means of entrance..." (Epistle of Barnabas, 4).

2. Clement of Rome (AD 40-100):
"...the Scripture also bears witness, saying, 'Speedily will He come, and will not tarry'; and, 'The Lord shall suddenly come [Matthew 24:30 coming] to His temple, even the Holy One, for whom ye look'" (I Clement, 23).

3. Hermas (AD 40-140):
"Those, therefore, who continue steadfast, and are put through the fire [of the Great Tribulation that is yet to come], will be purified by means of it....Wherefore cease not speaking these things into the ears of the saints..." (The Pastor of Hermas, Vision 4).

Friday, October 24, 2014

Isua Thlahtu Davida Hi Tu Davida Ber Kha Nge?

1. Thuhmahruai
Matthaia 1:6-ah, “Jesaian Lal Davida a hring a. Tin, Davidan Uria nupui lakah Solomona a hring a” a tih laiin, Luka 3:31-ah chuan, “chu mi chu Melea fa a ni a, chu mi chu Menna fa a ni a, chu mi chu Mattatha fa a ni a, chu mi chu Nathana fa a ni a, chu mi chu Davida fa a ni a” a tih leh daih si a! Lal Isua thlahtu hi tu Davida ber nge ni ta? Solomona-pa Davida nge, Nathana-pa Davida zawk hi?

2. Matthaia Leh Dr. Luka Chhui Dân A In-Ang Lo
Matthaia leh Dr. Luka hian Lal Isua thlahtute an chhui dân hi a in ang lova. Matthaia hian Isua hi a pa Josefa lam aţangin a chhui a, Dr. Luka hian Isua nu Mari lam aţangin a chhui ve thung a. Amaherawhchu, Lal Davida-ah ve ve an chhui lut a ni. Chip-chiar deuh zawkin lo en zui ila.

2.1. Matthaia Chhui Dân
Matthaia hian Lal Isua chu a pa Josefa kaltlangin a thlahtute a chhui a, Lal Davida’n Bethsebi laka a hrin Lal Solomona-ah a chhui lut a ni (cf. 1:11-16, 1 Chro.3:5). Josefa hi Davida fapa Solomona thlah kal zel a ni. Matthaia hian Lal Isua thlahtute chungchang a chhui-naah a fimkhur hle a, hetiang hian a ziak kan hmu a, “Jakoban Josefa, Mari pasal chu a hring a; chu mi Mari lakah chuan Isua, Krista an tih hi, a lo piang ta a” tiin (1:16).

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How To Recognize Dead Faith

1. Introduction
If you believe that good works saves you or even helps you to be saved, you will never have assurance of your salvation.  What if someone were to ask, “Are you saved?” If good works saves you, how would you know if you had done enough to be saved? But, you say, “I pray and read my Bible every day.” Or “I’ve preached for years.” Or “I pay my tithe at least most of the timer! I sure hope I am saved!” If you depend upon works, you’ll never be able to say, “I know that I know that I know I’m saved.” There will always be a question.

Martin Luther, that brilliant and committed young monk, was doing his best to be saved. He kept going up and down those steps, praying many prayers. All of a sudden God burned the truth of Rom.1:17 into his heart. It says, “For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: ‘The Righteous will live by faith.’” From that blazing experience, the Reformation was born!

2. Paul and James Talks About Faith
Having said that, let’s look at James 2:14-16, “What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, “Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?”

When you compare Paul’s words in Ephesians 2:8-10, these two Scriptures seem in contradiction. He says, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” But they are not, and here’s the key: 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lal Isua Thlêmna Tawh Dân Record Hi Ava In-Ang Lo Ve???

1. Thuhmahruai
Matthaia 4:4-5 leh Luka 4:5-12-ah Lal Isua thlêma a awm thu kan hmu a. Thlêmna a tawh chhoh dân indawt (order of temptation)-ah hian, Matthaia chuan Biak In chhip aţanga zuangthla tura Thlêmna 2-na, Khawvel lalram Thlêmna 3-na angin a record a. Dr. Luka thung chuan, Khawvel lalram Thlêmna 2-na, Biak In chhip aţanga zuangthla tura Thlêmna 3-na angin a record thung si!? Engtia sawi rem tur nge ni ang?

2. Matthaia Leh Dr. Luka Record Dân A In-Ang Lo
A chunga Bible châng kan sawifiah tur ang chi khi hmun dangah pawh a awm nual a. Theipui kung hauhlum chungchang (Mt.21:18-19, Mk.11:12-21) leh Rawngbawlnaa Tiang ken chungchang (Mk.6:8, Mt.10:10, Lk.9:30) te pawh he thu nen hian case in-ang an ni. Nakina kan la sawi tur tho a nih avangin dah ţha rih mai ila. Helai Bible thu-ah hian inkalh emaw, dik lo emaw a awm lo tih erawhchu hre hmasa ber ila. Bible bu hrang hrangte hi a Ziaktu an hrang ang bawkin, an Ziak dân kalhmang leh an Ziak duh dân-te, an uar duh lai-te a hrang vek a ni tih hre reng ila.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lessons From King David {My Meditation}

1. Key Verses 
“For you are indeed God, and your words are truth; and you have promised me these good things, so do as you have promised! Blessed me and my family forever! May our dynasty continue on and on before you, Lord God, have promised it” (2Sam.7:28-29. 1Sam 16- 1Kings 2. Amos 6:5, Mat.1:1, 22:43-45, Luke 1:32, Acts 13:22, Rom. 1:3, Heb.11:32).

2. What Do We See in David's Life?
When we think of David, we think– Shepherd, Poet, Soldier, Giant-killer, King, Ancestor of Jesus, in short, one of the greatest men in the Old Testament. But alongside that list stands another- Betrayer, Liar, Adulterer and Murderer. The first list gives qualities we all might like to have; the second qualities that might be true of any one of us.

The Bible makes no effort to hide David’s failures. Yet he is remembered and respected for his godliness. Knowing how much more we share in David’s failures than in his greatness, we should be curious to find out what made God refer to David as a man after His own heart or who would obey him (Acts 13:22, 1Sam.13:14).

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I Wish We'd All Been Ready

"I Wish We'd All Been Ready" is Track #2 on the DC Talk Album Intermission: The Greatest Hits. It was Written by Larry Norman. From Intermission: The Greatest Hits Published by Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing.

Life was filled with guns and war
And all of us got trampled on the floor
I wish we'd all been ready

The children died the days grew cold
A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold
I wish we'd all been ready

And there's no time to change your mind
The Son has come and you've been left behind

A man and wife asleep in bed
She hears a noise and turns her head he's gone
I wish we'd all been ready

Two men walking up a hill
One disappears and one's left standing still
I wish we'd all been ready

And there's no time to change your mind
The Son has come and you've been left behind

The Father spoke, the demons died
How could you have been so blind?

There's no time to change your mind
The Son has come and you've been left behind, (no!)
And there's no time to change your mind
The Son has come and you've been left behind

I hope we'll all be ready
(You've been left behind)
I hope we'll all be ready
(You've been left behind)
I hope we'll all be ready
(You've been left behind)

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