Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Kum tin December 25-ah Misualte Min Chhandam Tura Lei leh Vân Lal, Lal Isua a lo Pianna Champha kan hmang ziah a. Lal Isua Pawmlotu leh Ringhleltu (Sceptics)-te chuan Lal Isua lo Piandan hi Rom mite Thawnthu (Roman Mythology) lâkchhawn a ni e, an ti a. Nazareth aţanga Bethlehem kalkawng te, Khualbuk leh Khualbuk Vengtu te, A Pianna hmun (In/Ran In) leh Ranthleng te, Chhiarpui te, Mifing te, Berampu te, leh Heroda chungchâng te, Aigupta rama tlânbo chungchâng etc. te nên, Hahdam taka pawm harsa an tih mai bâkah, Theologian leh Pastor-te zingah pawh Pawm hahdam chiah silo, sawichhuak hreh si-te pawh an awm a.

US-ah phei chuan, Theologian leh Pastor tam takin Lal Isua Nula Thianghlim Mari Laka a Pianna (Virgin Birth) hi thil thleng tak tak (real historical event) a nih an rin loh thu huai takin an sawi chhuak tawh a ni. Tin, Theologian leh Kristian ţha tak inti zingah pawh hian, Bible-a Krismas Thlen Dân inziak hi kan chiang kek-kâwk lo a ang riau bawk. Hetiang teh nuaih a nih avang hian, Bethlehem-a Lal Isua lo pianna leh a kaihhnawih ţhenkhat chungchânga Ringhleltute leh Awihlotute Zawhna leh Rinhlelhna (Sceptics’ Questions/Doubts)-te bâkah, Sawifiah deuh ngai ni-awma ka ngaih-te chu sawifiah kan tum dawn a ni.    

Lal Davida chuan, Pathian Hmusittute Țhutphahah ţhu lo turin min duh a (Sam 1:1), Juda leh Petera chuan Ni hnuhnungah chuan Lal Isua Nuihsantu leh Hmusittute an lo chhuak ang (2Pet.2:10, 3:3, Juda 18) tiin an lo sawi lawk tawh bawk a ni. Bible-in Hmusittu leh Nuihsantu a tih-te hi Mi chi 2 - Lal Isua Ringduhlotu (Unbelievers)-te, leh Pathian Awm ringlo (Atheists)-te an ni. Atheist-te hian, Pathian awm rinna lam hawi hrim hrim an hnawl a, Ringlote (Lal Isua pawm lo) hian, Lal Isua chanchin hrim hrim hi an ringhlelh a, an awih lo (pawm lo) a ni. Hengho-te Zawhna leh Buaina hi tlêm-a-zawng lo luhchilh dawn a, hemi rual hian Kristian zingah pawh Bethlehem leh Krismas Kaihhnawih thil hrechiang lo-te tâna ţul-te kan sawi tel bawk dawn a ni.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

THUPUAN BU HI ENGTIN NGE I LO PAWM VE? (Neronic View AD 64-68 VERSUS Domitianic View AD 95-96)

Johana Hnêna Isua Krista Thupuan Chhuah Bu (Book of Revelation) hi Bible-a Thil lo thleng tur Hrilhlâwkna/Thupuan (Eschatology/Prophecy) lam hawi Lehkha Bu pawimawh tawp-khâwk a ni. Thuthlung Hlui-a Thil lo thleng tur hrilhlâwk te kha an tawp dân tur sawina a ni ber. Genesis bu-ah khân, lei leh vân leh thil zawng zawng siam ţan dân leh lo awm ţan dân a inziak a, Thupuan Bu-ah hian lei leh vân leh thilsiam zawng zawngte tawp dân (leh Chatuan inţan dân) a inziak thung a ni. 

Thupuan Bu hi a chhunga thu inziak hmasa ber Greek “apokalupsis” (unveiling/uncovering- khuhna hawng, keu-hawng) tih hi a Bu hming leh kohna atân hian hman nghal mai niin alang. He Thupuan Bu hi Apostol Johana’n Mediterranean tuipui Patmos Thliarkâr-a a tân laia a hnêna inlâr, Tholeh Isua Krista khân, Thil lo thleng tur-te a hrilh a, chungte chu a ziak ta a ni. Thil awmdân-te chhui kualin, Apostol Johana’n Thupuan Bu a ziak hun hi Roman Emperor Domitian Lallai A.D 95 vêl niin alang.

Thupuan Bu hian Lal Isua Krista nihna ropui leh dik tak (glorious, full & true identity of Jesus Christ) a târlang a. Hun khirh tak lo thleng tur atâna inbuatsaih lâwk a ţulzia leh ropui taka Lal Isua Krista lo kal lehna beisei tlat tura ringtute fuihna a tel bawk a ni. Thupuan 1:3 thu hian, a Thuchâh ken chu a tichiang hle, “He hrilh lâwkna bu thu chhiartu leh ngaithlâa a chhunga thu ziak pawmtute chu an eng a thâwl e; a hun chu a hnai tawh si a.”

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT (How To Prepare For Christmas)

When word reached the young Soldier that he could have a three-day pass for the Christmas holidays, it was much too late to book passage home on a train or a bus. Mostly on Christmas Eve, all means of public transportation were already filled.

With his duffel bag slung over his shoulder, he thumbed a ride with a family driving north. As they rode along, snow began to gently fall. The 150-mile trip between the Soldier’s base and his parents’ home consumed eight hours. As the roads grew treacherous, the Car skidded off the primitive highway once more.

In the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Day, the Car stopped. The Soldier walked the last few blocks to his parents’ home, crunching through the snow. Gazing toward the end of the road, he was surprised and delighted to see a small electric candle flickering in his parents’ window.

He climbed the steps to the porch and stomped the snow from his combat boots. As the door opened, a startled father peered out into the dark that surrounded his son. Warm hugs were followed by laughter as the boy’s mother joined the reunion.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

5 Reasons The King James Version Only Movement Is Completely Nuts


5 Reasons The King James Version Only Movement Is Completely Nuts

Let me get one thing straight before I even start this list. The King Jame Bible on your shelf right now is not the same as the original 1611 KJV. In fact, the 1611 KJV Bible that you can buy on amazon or any other Bible store is still not the same as the real 1611 King James.

Description: http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=duofthbi-20&l=as2&o=1&a=1565638085
  The Bible you see above…..is “like” the 1611 version. Except it’s missing all the Apocryphal books. Which, contrary to popular belief, were included in all the original Bibles. But just to stay as “pure” as possible, I will only quote from the 1611 KJV Bible in this post.

5. The Passover is now Easter (Acts 12:4)
 And when hee had apprehended him, hee put him in prison, and deliuered him to foure quaternions of souldiers to keepe him, intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.

This is one of the funnest things to point out to people who refuse to read those wretched, evil, new-age translations, and swear by only the good old King Jimmy. Why is it so fun? Because most of them are willing to bet an arm and a leg that the translators of the KJV would NEVER make a mistake like that! This is much to big of a mistake to overlook. And after all, the King James is the perfect word of God in English. At least that is what they were taught to believe.



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Wicked Bible, sometimes called Adulterous Bible or Sinners' Bible, is the Bible published in 1631 by Robert Barker and Martin Lucas, the royal printers in London, which was meant to be a reprint of the King James Bible. The name is derived from a mistake made by the compositors: in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:14), the word not in the sentence "Thou shalt not commit adultery" was omitted, thus changing the sentence into "Thou shalt commit adultery". This blunder was spread in a number of copies. About a year later, the publishers of the Wicked Bible were called to the Star Chamber and fined £300 (£44,614 as of 2015)[1] and deprived of their printing license.[2] The fact that this edition of the Bible contained such a flagrant mistake outraged Charles I and George Abbot, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who said then:
I knew the time when great care was had about printing, the Bibles especially, good compositors and the best correctors were gotten being grave and learned men, the paper and the letter rare, and faire every way of the best, but now the paper is nought, the composers boys, and the correctors unlearned.[3]

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

HRUAITU THINCHHIA LEH A SAWHKHÂWK HI AVA PAWI ÊM!! (Hruaitu Ropui Mosia Khân Engnge A Tih-Sual Chiah Le???)


Thil Tih-sual rau rau-ah chuan, Mosia Thil tih-sual hi a pawi ber awm e!! Kanan ram a luh theih loh phah a. A thih hnu-ah leh zel pawh a ruang thlengin Setana leh Vantirhkoh Mikaela’n an la inchuh zui a nih kha!!! Hruaitute pawimawh-zia leh, Hruaitu tân chuan, thinrim laia Țawngkam leh Thiltih Fimkhur a, in-sûm a țul nasat-zia min hrilh nawn mawlh mawlh a ni. Mosia dinhmun aţang hian Hruaitute hian midangte an hruaisual (misguide) theih zia te, midangte an hnuaichhiah (oppress) theih zia te, lal an hrawt nasat theih zia te leh an nihna leh lalna (status & power) an hman-sual (abuse) theih zia te a lang chiang hle a. Hruaitu thil tih sual-in anmahni ngei a tihchhiat dân leh midangte pawh a khawih-pawi theih zia alang chiang hle. Thlarau lama tih-sual neih phei chu a pawi thui lehzual awm e, chatuan a daih dawn si a. Chuvangin, Bible chuan kan ţawngkam leh thiltih-te fimkhur turin min ti a, “I thu chuan thiam a chan tir ang che a, i thu vêk chuan thiam loh a chan tir bawk dawn che asin” tiin min lo vaukhan lâwk tawh a ni (Mat.12:37).

Bible-ah hian Lal Isua tih-lohvah chuan Mosia hi Hruaitu ropui ber a ni. Bible Scholar-te chuan, “Lal Isua hi chu Messiah a ni a, Pathian Fapa a ni a, Mosia, mihring ve mai nên chuan tehkhin chi a ni lo. Chuvangin, Mosia hi Tungchhova piang tawh mihring zingah chuan Hruaitu ropui ber a ni e,” an ti. A pawmawm viau.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The Doctrine of Canonicity is the Church's Affirmation of the belief that the 66 books of the Bible comprise the only inspired books that there are. And because they are inspired, no other books are; they have a unique divine authority by which we follow in our life and belief what they teach. How did the church come to the decision about these 66 books being the normative standard for faith and practice?
1. Written By A Recognized Prophet Or Apostle
This did not cover every book of the Bible; in fact there are some books for which we simply do not know who the author is. Hebrews is one book that took a long time for the church to recognize; now, don't have in mind that the church just decrees that now this is authoritative. But it did take longer on some books than others for the church to come to recognize as authoritative. The book of Hebrews took longer because who is the author? By a number of other criteria (which we will come to), it is clear that Hebrews is inspired; it belongs in the canon, but authorship caused it to be accepted late. But many of the books of the Bible are able to be accepted by the fact that they are written by a recognized prophet, by Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Moses, Paul or Peter. So there are a lot of books that are pretty clear cut because of the author.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Țhian țhenkhat ațangin,“Gen.6:2 & 4-a ‘Pathian Fapa-te,’ a tih leh ‘Milianho-te’ a tih te hi Tute nge? Joba 2:1, 38:7, Sam 29:1, 89:7, 2Pet.2:4 leh Juda 6-7 ten an sawi Vântirhkoh (Fallen Angels)-te nên hian thuhmun an ni em?” tih Zawhna hi ka dawng nual a. Midangte thiamna leh finna-te phâk lo mahila, kan Zirna leh Thiamna-te beithamin, hniam viau mahse, phâk tâwk te-in sawifiah ve kan tum dawn a ni.

Mi pakhat chuan, “Zoramah hian, Theology Zirna nei miah lovin, Tute emaw hnên ațang leh Internet (Google) ațangin an duhzawng fawmkhâwm a, Pathian thu huai deuh deuhva hrilhfiah pawp pawp ching an awm țhin a. Mipui nawlpui mai bâkah Kohhran mite pawh min ti-chiai viau țhin a. Pastor leh Theologian-ten hetiang Issue hi a awm chuan an ngaihdân-te ziak tam ve thei se ka ti hle mai” a ti a. Hei hi ka rilru-ah a riak reng mai. Titi-a an sawi țhin, “Mizo-te hi chu, Medical Doctor aia Tor lo râwn tam zawk, Theologian aia Gian-lo thu ngaihsak a, pawm zawk kan ni” an lo tih țhin hi a dik thei mai awm mang e aw, tiin ka ngaihtuah ta hial mai!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Kan Tisa leh Thlarau lam Nun atân hian Lalpa min ruatsak, Lalpa inpuanna, Lalpa min pek ngei hi a awm a ni tih kan chiang ţheuhva. Tunlaia Kêlkânga Thlarau Thianghlim Hnathawh ropui tak pawh hi chung zinga pakhat chu a ni. Tuna Kêlkâng Harhna kal mêk hi June 13, 2013 aţanga inţan tawh nia sawi a ni a. Vawiin thlengin Chhimtu an pung tual tual a, Pathian Hnathawh a zual tulh tulh emaw tih tur a ni. Kêlkânga Harhna thleng chungchâng hi Mipui vântlâng hnuailam aţanga Sakhaw hruaitu mi pawimawh tak tak kâ aţangin, țawngkam leh ziakin, Fakna leh Selna, Fak-mawitu leh Sawi-hnawmtu hmuh tur leh hriattur an awm reng a. Kei pawhin, Kêlkâng Harhna Chanchin ka hriat tirh aţanga ka rilru-a Pathian thu rawn awm leh vawiin thlenga châm reng mai sawichhuah ve tawh ţha-in ka hria a. Pathian Thlarauvin min pâwlna leh min kawhhmuhna kaltlanga Pathian Thu ka zirna aţangin ka rawn sawi dawn a. Chhiartuten rilru-a Țawngţaina nen-a in ngaihtuah-zui ngei ka ngen che u a ni. 

Tunlaia Kêlkânga Pathian Thlarau Thianghlim Hnathawh hi ava ropui êm!!! Pathian Hnathawh mak zia leh ropui zia hi sawiin a siak lo ve. Bible-in Kohhran/Ringtute Awmdân tur (Model Church) a sawi tam tak kha Kêlkângah hian a thleng dik mêk a ni, “Tin, Tirhkohte zirtirin, inpâwlin, chhang phelin, ţawngţaiin ţhahnemngai takin an awm reng a. Tin, mi tinin an hlau ta a; Tirhkohte chuan thilmak leh chhinchhiahna tam tak an ti a. Tin, a ring apiang chuan engkim an inţawm hlawm a, an ro te, an sum (THIL NEIH)-te an hralh a, an châkkhai daih lek ţheuhvin an zaa hnenah chuan an sem ţhin a. Tin, ni tin rilru hmun khatin Pathian biak inah chuan ţhahnemngai takin an awm ţhin a, an in lamahte pawh chhang an phel a, hlim tak leh lungawi takin an chaw an ei ţhin a, Pathian an fak a, mi zawng zawng lawmzawngin an awm ţhin. Tin, a chhandam mêk apiangte chu Lalpain ni tin an hnenah a teltir zel ţhin” tih kha a takin kawng tam takin a thleng dik a ni (Tirh.2:42-47).

Thursday, May 21, 2015

KAN SÂWM HLAWHCHHAM VE MAI ANG EM??? (An Function-ah Zai Turin Zaithiam Lâr tak an Sâwm, Mahse, an Sâwm Hlawhchham!!!)

Țumkhat chu Mizorama Thuziak lama lâr tak pakhat hi Kohhran-in Thuhriltu atân rawih kan duh a. Sâwmna Lehkha-te kan thawn a. Min rawn chhân dân aţang chuan, beisei awm riauva kan hriat avangin an khuaa va kal a, va sâwm ngei ngaia kan hriat avangin Zan 2/3 riak turin kan kal ta a. Mahse, ni 2 zet kan inkawm hnu chuan, kan sâwmna leh kan ngenna chu a tih-hlawhtlin theih loh tur thu min hrilh chiang ta a ni. Keimahni (a Sâwmtute) thiam loh a awm lova, amah pawh fellohna leh sawisel tur, ngaihţhatlohna tur thil langsâr engmah a awm lo.

Mahse, min chhânna chu, “Hetiang langsâr rawngbawlna lam hawi hi ka duhloh avangin hmânah pawh mi ka kian tawh a, tunah hian kha kha ka la let leh thei tawh lo. A thiang lovin ka hria” a ti ta tlat mai a ni!! A tirah chuan kan ngaihdân a ni lo viau a. Mahse, kan ngaihtuah thui deuh hnu chuan, a rilru ţhat-zia, zau zia leh a ngaihtuah thui zia leh a rilru ngheh zia kan ngaihtuah chhuak a, kan chhuang rilru ta hle zawk a ni.

Khawvelah chuan, kan hnena awm-a function/program min hmanpui tur te, min ţanpui tur te, min thlamuan tur-te hian kan duh duh kan sâwm thei lova, sâwm pawh ni ila kan hlawhtling vek thei lo. Keimahni a Sâwmtute vang emaw, kan Sâwma-te vang emaw-in kan intawng remchang thei ţhin lo a ni. Keimahni lamin kan zir ngang loh vang emaw, anmahni lam an lian lutuk emaw a nih phei chuan kan tân beisei ngam loh tur thlengin an kat nuk mai a ni.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Vawiin-a kan thu khel tur, “Pastor-in Hotel-a KS (Nawhchizuar) a Tawmpui Chungchâng” hi a tak ngeia hmuh leh kut ngeia man, a nâk ngeia zen chungchâng a ni a. Amaherawhchu, Pastor hming leh KS hming erawh hi chu thup tlat a ni thung. An hming-te hi sawichhuah a țul tlat a nih a, anmahni’n rem an tih bawk chuan puanzar a ni chauh ang.

Khawvelah hian, Thlarau lam thil a ni emaw, Khawvel lam thil a ni emaw, thil âwm leh âwm lo, Thil ni tur leh ni lo tur hi a awm vek a. A nih tur anga thil a nih loh chuan, a dik lo satliah ringawt lova, a tênawm hial zawk țhin. Entirnân, Hnap hi a chhuah (tawlh) chuan thenfai a, hmuh phâk lohvah paih tur a ni. Chutih laiin, paih lovin Hnap tla pur chungin Chaw te ei ila, Mipui hmaah Thu-te sawi ta ila, Miin țawp min tiin, min tên ngawt ang. A chhan chu, Hnap kha a awm lohna tura a awm vang a ni.

Țhian pakhat chuan, “THIL INHMEH LO BER-TE” zingah, “KS LEH KOHHRAN ZAIPAWL-A TEL” tih leh “PASTOR LEH ZU LEI TURA INTLAR” tih te hi a ni awm e” a ti a. Kan Thukhel laia a Changtupa-ber Pastor pawh khian Hotel-ah KS a tawmpui ringawt mai khi… Thil inhmeh lo tawp-khâwk a ni. Mahse, Engah nge Pastor meuhvin Hotel-ah KS a kawm tâk mai? tih hi Zawhna pawimawh tak mai a ni tho bawk. Sâp Thufing chuan, “ENGKIM HIAN CHHAN A NEI VEK” (Everything Has A Purpose) a ti a. Pastor-in KS a Tawmpui hi Engnge a chhan ni ta ang le???

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

BIBLE KAN HRILHFIAH DÂN HI A DIK LO ELO??? (A Pawimawh Lutuk. Ulûk Takin Chhiar-chhuak Hrâm Rawh Aw)

Bible hi mahni rilrêm zâwng leh kan awm dân milh (khawsak/nungchang support) tura kan hrilhfiah a, kan sawi-rêm a, kan fawmkhâwm châng a tam hle. Hei hian, Bible Hrilhfiah dân dik tawk lo leh chiang tawk lo a hring chhuak a. Kohhran leh ringtute kan buai phah ţhin. Zu ngaina mi chuan, “Bible-in Zu a sawichhe lo. Lal Isua pawhin Zu (wine) a ti-pung tho alawm” tiin, thudik chanve hmangin, mahni dinhmun leh thiltih milh leh support turin, mahni rilrêm zawngin Pathian thu an hrilhfiah ţhin. Bible-in Zu chanchin a sawi dân leh a Sawina hmuna mite dinhmun (context) kha Zir a, Hriat chian phawt hnu-a mahni tâna hman (apply) chi a ni zawkin alang.

Zoram-a Thlarau Thianghlim Hnathawh or Harhna a thlen apianga, kan sawi chhuah ve ziah ţhin pakhat chu, “THLARAU THIANGHLIM SAWICHHIAT” chungchâng hi a ni (Mat.12:32, Luka 12:10). Bible-in a sawi tum man silovin, Harhna leh Thlarau Thianghlim hnathawh a thlenna apiangah, “THLARAU THIANGHLIM SAWISÊL APIANG CHU… NGAIHDAM AN NI LOVANG” tih chu intihţhaih nân kan hmang a, a awmze dik tak hre hawt lovin, a hman apiangin kan sawi thla-zen mai niin alang.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Matthaia 21:1-22 chhung thu ațang hian Expository Sermon ngaihthlâk kan tum ang. A thui deuh dawn avangin Sermon 4-ah kan țhen ang. Mat.21:1-22 chhungah hian Thupui lian tak tak 4 a awm a:- (1). Sabengtung leh a note, (2). Hnehtu Jerusalem-ah a lut, (3). Jerusalem Temple thenfai thu, (4). Theipui kung hau-hlum thu, te hi thupui pawimawh zual an ni. Hengte hi kan zir-ho ang a. A hun thu-ah hian, tlai lutuk a awm thei lo turah ngai ila, keima remchan hun hunah ka rawn chhunzawm mai dawn nia.

Lal Isua Hnehtu nihna famkim nen-a Jerusalem-a a luh chungchang hi kum tin biak in-ah leh lenkhawmna-ah kan ngaithla țhin a. Kan ngaithla zing viau naa, Pathian thu a nih tlat avangin tuma’n kan ning lo hi thil ropui leh mak tak a ni. Vawiinah hian Matthaia 21:1-3 chhung thu hi kan zir dawn a ni.

Bethphage hi Aram. beth-pha-ge (Mizo- bet-fa-ke), “house of un-ripe figs” tihna a ni a, Bethany hi Aram. beth-anya, “house of dates” tihna a ni. “House of poor,’ ‘house of misery” tihna pawh a ni thei bawk. Bethphage hi Bethany leh Jerusalem inkara awm a ni a. Jerusalem ațangin Bethany hi Mel 1.5 vel (kms 2.4) a ni a, Jerusalem ațanga Bethphage hi Mel 1 a tling lo deuh. Bethphage hi Lal Isua hunlai hian Jerusalem kulh hungna bul (pawn)-ah a awm niin an sawi. Lal Isua hi Bethany-ah (Lazara-te in-ah, John 12:1,12) a riak a, Bethany ațang hian Jerusalem-ah rawngbawl-in a kal țhin a ni.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Vawiin hi “Tumkau Ni” (Palm Sunday) a ni (Zak.9:9-9:11 Matt.21:1-21:9, John.12:12-12:16). Lal Isua Jerusalem-a ropui taka a luh Ni hi Jerusalem-ah leh khawvel hmun hrang hranga Kristian-te awmna apiangah Lal Isua Chawimawi nân Tumkau kengin khawlai an fang thin a ni.

Sabengtung hi Ramsa zawng zawnga Hmêlchhe ber pawl, tlâktlai lo, thil zirtir harsa ber a ni an ti. Chu ngei chu Lal Isua chuan, Messiah a nihzia Lantir nân-a chuanna atân a thlang a tlat mai!!! Sakawr chak ţha leh Indonaah pawh zahpuiawm lo tur emaw, Sakhaw puithiam leh Lalnu ten an chuan ţhin Sakawr vâr tal thlang sela! A nih loh pawn, Ramsa huai leh tuarchhel Sanghawngsei (Camel) tal thlang sela ţha tur hi a nia!!! 

Ramsa tlaktlai lo tak Sabengtung hmanga Lal Isua, Messiah hian Lal a nihna lantir a, Jerusalem-a a lut hian entir leh min zirtir tum (message) pawimawh tak a nei ang tih hi a chiang hle. Sabengtung tlâktlai lo, rimchhe tak pawh a chuang duh a nih chuan, keini Misual-te pawh hi min hnawl mai bik hauh lovang. Pathianin a ropuina puanchhuah nân min hmang ve duh ngei ang tih hi a rin theih a ni.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Kan Thu khel tur “HLAWHCHHAM PHAWT HI HLAWHTLINNA A NI” (FAILURE IS SUCCESS) tih hi mak kan tiin, hriatthiam a har kan ti viau-in ka ring. A chhan chu, kan rilru-in, “A Hlawhchham tawh ber chuan, a Hlawh-tling lo tihna a ni mai alawm” kan ti ngei ang. Mahse, Thufing chuan, “EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE” a ti a, ‘engkim hian tum a nei vek’ a, chhan neia awm leh chhan neia thleng vek an ni. Zirlai 10 aţangin kan zir dawn a ni.

Bible chuan, “Chawngzawng pakhat pawh a chhan awm lovin leiah a tla lo…” a ti a (Mat.10:29, Lk. 12:7). Mi tam tak chu kan fellohna te, kan chapona te, Pathian kan ngaihsak lohna te, kan dinhmun ţha lo tak-te aţanga harhchhuak turin vanduaina te, chhiatna te leh thihna te hial kan tawh phawt a ngai ţhin. Malsawmna-in a kaihthawh zawh tawh loh te chu Chhiatna hmangin Pathianin a kaitho ta ţhin a, chhiatna hian mihring nun-ah thu a lo sawi ring zawk nge nge ţhin bawk.
Chuvangin, Pathianin Lal Isua ringlo te, misual te, thil ţha lo (hlawhchhamna, beidawnna, nâtna, chhiatna, thihna etc.) te thlengin hmanrua atân a hmang ţhin. Pathian kan hriat theihna tur te, Rawngbawlnaa kan chak theihna tur te, Thlarau lama kan insiam ţhat theihna tur a ni. Pathianin ringlo te, misual te, thil ţha lo te pawh hmanruaa a hman zia tichiang turin, Assuria leh Balylon te pawh Pathianin “ka talh tum, ka tiang” a ti nghe nghe a nih kha (Isaia 10:5, 19:25, Ezra 6:22).

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Thlêmnaa a tlûk avangin Evi kha dêm ngawt suh! Setana khân kan thlâhtute kha awmze nei takin a lo thlêm a, Evi kha hmeichhia zawk mah nise, Setana thlêmna îtawm tak te kha an nupa tân awmzia nei dawn êm-a a hriat avangin hnar phal lovin a zawm ta mai ni zawkin a lang. Thlêmna satliah-a tlu mai a ni lo tih hre hmasa ila. Setana hian kan Lalpa Isua ngei pawh kha Evi a thlêm dân ang style tho khân a lo thlêm ve leh a nih kha (cf. Matt.4:1-11).

Bible chuan, “Tin, rûl chuan hmeichhe hnênah chuan, "Thi teh suh e: in ei nî apang chuan in mit a lo vâr ang a, a chhia leh ţha hriain Pathian ang in lo ni dâwn tih Pathianin a hre reng a nih chu," a ti a. Tichuan hmeichhia chuan thing rah chu ei mi a ni tih leh, mit la tak a ni tih leh, mi tifing tûrin thing rah îtawm tak a ni tih a hriat chuan thing rah ţhenkhat chu a lo va, a ei ta a; tin, a pasal a pe ve a, ani pawhin a ei ve ta a” (Gen.3:4-6) tiin a ziak a. Keini pawh hi, kha a style pangngai ûn tak mai hmang bawkin Setana hian min thlêm leh mêk a ni, fimkhurin thlêmnaa kan luh lohna turin i ţang sauh sauh teh ang u.

Setana’n min thlêmthlûk awlsamna ber pakhat chu Taksa mamawh, ei tur leh silh leh fen hmangin a ni, “EI MI A NI leh MIT LA TAK” (good for food & pleasant to the eyes) kha Evi titlutu a nih kha (Gen.3:6, Mat.4:2-4). Taksa mamawh, ei leh in, silh leh fen-te hi min titlutu tam ber te an ni châwk. Ţhalaite ngat phei chu min titlutu lian ber a ni hial awm e. Ei ngai loh ei te, hâk ngai loh hâk te, mi neih loh ang neih te hi mihring kan nih chhunga kan châk ber te an ni fo ţhin.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Kan Hmêlma-pa Setana hian Ringtute min Thlêmna leh min Hnehna Hmanrua tam tak a nei a. Chung zingah chuan a Hlauhawm zual 3 a awm a. He Thlêmna 3-te hi Kristian zingah Pitar-putar, Nula-tlangval, Ramhruaitute leh Rawngbawltu tê ber aţanga Hotu-ber thlenga kan tawh ţhin an ni a, Hneh pawh an hâr êm êm a ni. Tirhkoh Paulan, “Chuvangin, dinga inring chu fimkhur rawhse, chutilochuan a tlu dah ang e,” (1Kor.10:12) a lo ti hial a. He Thlêmna-ah hian tlu lo turin inringin, i fimkhur ang u.


Sum leh pai, ro-sum, hausakna duh leh ît avangin mi tam tak sualah an tlû a. Pathian Rawngbawltu fel tak tak-te pawh hman tlak lohvah an chhuak ţhin. Sum hmang hian Setana’n Ram Hruaitu ţha tak tak leh Pathian Rawngbawltu tam tak a lei tawh a, a lei mêk zel a ni. ‘Sum tel lovin rawng kan bawl thei lova, hna kan thawk thei lova, kan nung thei lo’ tih hi thudik a ni. Mahse, Sum leh Dinhmun ţha te hi kan ngaih pawimawh ber a ni tur a ni lova, Sum leh Dinhmun ţha leh sâng hian kan thlarau nun leh rawngbawlna a hma-khalh-in, a tichhe tur a ni lo.

Kan Mizo Ordained Reverend/Pastor-te zingah pawh, Rev.C.L.Rema (IAS) leh Rev. Lalbiaksanga Chinzah (College Principal), etc. te chuan, an Hlawh sâng tak leh Dinhmun ţha tak kalsanin, Krista an hmangaihna avangin retheihna leh dinhmun hniam zawk an thlang a. Hetiang mi duhawm Zoram Kohhran-in kan la nei hi a ropuiin, an entawn-tlâk tak meuh meuh a ni. Tirhkoh Paula chuan, Ringtute kan fimkhur a ţul zia hria-in, Vaukhanna chiang leh khauh tak min pe a, “Tangka sum ngainat hi sual tinrêng bul a ni si a; chu chu ţhenkhatten an awt a, rinna chu an kal bosan a, anmahni leh anmahni lungngaihna tam takin an inchhun tlang ta chuk a” tiin min lo hrilh-lawk diam tawh a ni (1Tim.6:10).

Saturday, March 7, 2015


1Timothea 6:20-ah, “Aw Timothe, i hnena kawltira awm chu vawng ţha rawh. Pathian zah lo lam thu sawi mai mai leh, dik lo taka “Finna” an vuah hnialna hi hawisan rawh” tih kan hmu a. Ngaihtuah mang lova chhiar liam puat chuan, ‘Bible hian Science lam rêng rêng hi chu a do a nih hi’ tih mai a awl hle. Hei hi Mi tam tak-te ngaihdân leh sawi ţhin dân pawh a ni rêng a ni. Chuvangin, ngaihdân dik famkim lo neiin, Science hmanga thil hmuh-chhuah leh siamchhuah-te chu Ramhuai hnathawh angin an ngai ta vek ţhin a, Damdawi-te, Science lam thiamna eng-ang chi pawh an hmang duh lova, an hnual-suat a, an hnawl ta ţhin a ni.

Țhenkhat chuan, Paula sawi tum hi HERETICAL SCIENCE (GNOSTICISM) a ni a, Greek miten “Finna & Hriatna Danglam bik” (Gnosis) hmanga Pathian Pawl theihna chungchâng an zirtir kha Paula hian a do a ni e, an ti. Mahse, hei hi Bible Scholar zawng zawng deuh-thaw-in an hnawl. A chhan chu, GNOSTIC ZIRTIRNA (Greek. Gnosis- Special Knowledge) hian “Special Spiritual Knowledge” lam a kâwk a, Scientific Facts emaw, Pure Science zirna lam emaw a sawi lova, a hawi lo hrim hrim, an ti ve thung. He Heretical Science ngaihdân hi chu sawi-zui tlâk lovah dah ta mai ila.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Ka post hmasa “Savawmin Mi 42 a Seh-hlum” tih-ah khân, Pathian ruat Hruaitu Auh-Nawmnah leh hmuhsit a ţhat loh-zia leh a hlauhawm-zia, chawp-leh-chilh-a an thih nghal thu kan sawi tawh a. Vawiinah thung chuan, Pathian ruat Hruaitu chu Pathian tirh ngeiin a Auh-Nawmnah thu leh chu Pathian ruat Hruaitu chuan ngawi reng a, lungawi taka a tuar thu kan ngaithla ve thung dawn a ni.

Bible hian thil engkim deuh-thaw mai nih-phung leh zia hi a sawi lang a. A chhânna leh a siamţhatna lam thlengin a ziak leh vek bawk a. Zawlnei Isaia chuan, “Lalpa thu-ah chuan zawng ula, kim lo pakhat mah a awm lovang a, kawppui nei lo pakhat mah a awm lovang” a lo ti daih tawh a ni (34:16). Chuvangin, Pathian ruat Hruaitu dinhmun pawh hian kawppui or side pahnih a nei a, Pathian ruat Hruaitute Hmuhsit leh Sawichhiat phal loh anga zirtirna a awm laiin, Hmuhsit leh Sawichhiat phal a nih dân a inziak ve leh tho bawk a ni.

Indira Gandhi Prime Minister a nih lai khân, Saihaah a lo zin a, Mara-mipui lo lawmtute chuan, “Indira Gandhi tlâ mawh sy” tiin an lo au rual dual dual a. Kawng kam velah-te pawh, an au hla chu ziakin (Poster) an târ nual bawk a. Aizawl lam aţanga a rawn hruaite zinga Pakhat kha an au hla chu an leh-tir a, Țawnglettu chuan, “Indira Gandhi tla rawhse” tiin an au a ni. An au-hla leh an Poster târ awmzia chu, “Indira Gandhi chu inthlan (election)-ah rêng rêng hian tla ngei ngei rawhse, tling tawh suh se” an tihna a ni e, tiin !!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Theological College-a ka thawh lai khân, ţum khat chu FACULTY COLLOQUIUM kan nei a. Kan thawhpui Professor zinga pakhat chuan, “Dâwt vâr (white lies) sawi hi a pawi em? Bible-ah hian hetiang lam hi a awm reng em?” tih chu Sawiho atân a rawn chhawp-chhuak a. Break kan neih hnu-in kan ţhu-khawm leh ta a. Kan sawiho hma pawhin ka rilru-ah thil tam tak a lut tawh a.

Abrahama khân a sahimna atân thudik pawimawh zawk zêp-in Dâwt a sawi a, a nupui Sari chu “ka farnu a ni” a ti a. Lal Abimeleka leh a chhungte zawng zawngin an tawrh phah a (Gen.20). A fapa Isaaka khân a Pa Abrahama hnungzuiin amah ang chiah-in dâwt a rawn sawi ve nghal zat a!! A nupui Rebeki chu “ka farnu a ni” a rawn ti ve leh a nih kha (Gen.26). Pa-fa na na na chu an inchhûn fuh hle mai! 

Rakili khân, a Pa Labana pathian lem-te a rûk sak a, Sanghawngsei chungah a ţhut-hnan a, dâwt a sawi vang a ni chêk ang chu, a pasal duh tak Jakoba bulah pawh cheng rei hman tawh lovin, raicheh-in a thih phah ta a nih kha!!! (Gen.31 & 35). KHAWVELAH HIAN RINGTUTE KAN DANGLAMNA TUR PAWIMAWH TAK PAKHAT CHU, DÂWT SAWI LOH HI A NI. Bible chuan, “Chutichuan, dâwt sawi banin, mahni ţhenawm hnenah thudik tak sawi ţheuh rawh u, inpeng tawn ţheuh kan ni si a… thinlung îtsîkna leh inelna in neih chuan, thu dik uan khum suh ula, thu dik dodâlin dâwt sawi hek suh u” a ti a ni (Eph.4:25, Jak.3:14).

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Ui chungchâng hi “Nawhchi zawrh man leh Uicho man rawn la suh u” tih Post-ah khân ka sawi nual tawh a. Hetah chuan a tlângpui chauh sawi ta ila. Bible-in Mihring, ramsa leh thil hming a sawi-lan te leh, an chanchin (story) kan hmuh-te rêng rêng hian awmzia leh sawi-tum 2 a nei thei a- A NGIAL-A-NGAN (literal sense) leh TEKHINNA/ENTIRNA (allegory/figurative) te an ni. A pahnih-a inkawp (both literal & allegory) sawi-tum nei a awm tho laiin, a tlângpuiin pakhat zawk zawk hi Bible-in min hrilh a tum a ni tlângpui ţhin (Isaia 1:21, 57:3, Ex.11:7, 22:31, Ex.16:31-33, Deut.23:18, Hos.2:4-5, Amosa 7:17, 1Lal.14:11, 21:19, 23, 1Kor.6:15-16, Thup.17:1-16, 19:2, etc.).

Tehkhinna atân chuan, “Ui” (dog) hi Mipa inzuar (Male prostitute), Pathian awm ring lo (Atheist), Zirtirna Dik lo thehdarhtu (False teacher) leh Ringlo-mi leh Pathian ngaihsak lo (Unbelievers) sawi nân bâkah, Hmuhsitawm, Hnuaihnung, Engmah ni lo, Tlawm, Inngaitlawm leh Inphahhnuai entirna leh sawi nân pawh “Ui, Uicho, Ui-thisawn,” tih te chu Bible-ah hian hman a ni bawk (cf. Deut.23:18, Sam 22:16, 20, Isaia 56:10, 1Sam.17:43, 2Sam.3:8, 16:9, Mat.7:6, Phil.3:2, Thup.22:15, etc.). Lal Isua hian, Pharisai-ten an dinhmun leh rawngbawlna ropui tak Pathian duh dân-a hmang lova, midangte tihchhiatna turin (amah Lal Isua ngei pawh an tihhlum phah) an hmang zawk tih a hria a, a vei viau a, he Tehkhinna hi a sawi niin a lang.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Abrahama’n a fapa Isaaka a hlânna Moria Tlâng-ah ngei khân, Lal Davida’n Pathian hnen aţanga sak dân tur a dawn hmangin Lal Solomona khân Jerusalem Temple kha a sa a (1Chro.28:1-21). Pathianin Amah an Biakna tur atâna Temple an sak tur hi a Satu tur leh a Sak dân tur hrim hrim-ah a ulûk êm êm a. Sum neih leh hausak vang emaw, tha leh thiamna an neih vang emaw-in an sak a phal ngawt lova.

Rilru leh Thiltih-a Thianghlim leh Fel ngeiin Temple hi an sak a phut tlat a. Israel Lal ropui Lal Davida pawh khân, sum leh pai leh theihna (wealth & power) kha nei teh meuh mahse, Pathianin Temple a sak kha a phal tlat lova, “Nang zawng indo mi, thisen chhuah mi i nih avângin, ka hming atân in i sa lovang... I fapa Solomonan ka In a din ang” a ti tawp mai a nih kha (1Chro.28:3-6).

Temple chungchâng hi a pawimawh khawp mai. Hmuh-theih Pathian Biak In (Temple/Church building) sakna thu mai bâkah, Lal Isua Ringtute chungchâng hi a sawi tel a ang viau (Joh.2:19,21, 1Kor.3:16,17, Eph.2:21). Ringtu leh Kohhran ţhenkhat-ten Harhna leh Hlimna leh Lawmna sawi tur kan neih theih lohna chhan leh a vawrh-tawp kan thlen theih lohna chhan hi, kan Biak In sakna-ah leh Ringtu (piangthar inti)-te Nun-ah hian Thil thianghlim lo (rilru, taksa, thilpek, thawhlawm, tha leh zung, etc.) a tel nasa lutuk emaw ni ang le aw? tia ngaih ţhat lohna châng hriat a ngai ta tlat mai!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Pathianin a hnena Thilpêk kan pêk hi a duh ulûkin, a duh khirh hle a. Pêk ringawt a sawi mawi lova, pek dân tur, pêk tur thil a duh dân, a Petu rilru leh dinhmun a duh dân, etc. a sawi duah ţhin. A duh dân ang thlapa thil tih a nih lohva, an pêk loh chuan, a pawm duh ţhin lo. Kaina Thilpek a pawl loh te, Saula’n Inthawina atâna Bawng a rawn hruaite a pawm loh te, tam tak zinga kha entirna pawimawh zual ni mai se.

Tin, Inkhawmpui-te leh Amah kan Fakna-ah te thleng pawh hian, Amah duh dân ang thlap a nih loh chuan, “In inkhawmpui urhsûn te ka lawm lo, in thilhlân te ka pawm lovang, in rimawi leh hla bêngchhêng-te chu la bo rawh u” a ti hmak hmak mai a nih kha!!! (Amosa 5:21-23, etc.).

Chuvangin, Deut.23:18-ah chuan, “Nawhchi zawrh man emaw, Uicho man emaw, thutiam nân LALPA in Pathian In-ah in keng tur a ni lo. A eng ve ve pawh chu LALPA in Pathian ngaihin thil tenawm a ni” a ti hial a ni. Hetah hian, a Petu leh a Thilpêk kha Mihring leh Pathian ngaih pawhin a thianghlimin, pawmtlâk a ngaih-zia a rawn tichiang hle. Thilpek Thianghlim lo pêkah hian Ringtu leh Kohhran-te kan fimkhur a ngai a. Pathianin a hman theih loh avângin a hnawksak a, Akana hluihlawn thil lâkin Israel fate harsatna a siam ang khân, kan Thilpêk Thianghlim lo pêk-te hian kan thlarau lam nun, rawngbawlna, leh kohhran thlengin a ti-ţhuanawp nasa ţhin tihna a ni.

Pathianin Israel fate hnena Thu a pek lai (Deut.23:18 thu a sawi lai hian), Israel fate zingah hian Sum hmuh nana Mipa leh Hmeichhe inzawrh ching an lo awm tawh nge? an la awm dawn avanga sawi nge? tih hi ngaih a in-ang lo viau a. Scholar tam zawk chuan, an chhehvel hnam-te zingah an ching nasa a, chu an tihdan chu an entawn ve mai a hlauh avanga Pathianin a vaukhanna niin an ring.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Kohhran Tih-Sual Râpthlâk – Part 2 (Mipa Thuamhnaw Inbel-a Puh Avangin An Hâl-hlum!!!)

I chhungte tu-emaw kha, miin dâwt ngial-nganin puh sela, Kohhran leh Sorkar ţangrual chuan Court-ah dik lo takin thiamlohchantir sela, hâl-hlum ta bawk sela! Mahse, an hâl-hlum aţanga kum 500 zet liam hnu-ah a thiamchanna thu sawichhuak leh si sela, engtinnge i ngaih ang? “A dikna leh thiamchanna hailan-a a awm ta chu a lawmawm lutuk alawm” tih lam aiin, thinrimna leh rilru nâtna a belhchhah zawk mai lo’ng maw?

SAINT JOAN OF ARC khân Pathian Aw a hriat avangin Indonaah Hnehna changin France ram tân thil ropui tak a ti a. Mahse, îtsîktu leh tihchhiat duhtuten Chhuanlam eng-eng emaw siamin an man a, rorelna a hmachhawn a. Mahse, Thihna khawp Tih-sual engmah a lo nei leh silo!!! Amah îtsîktute leh hawtute chuan Tihhlum ngei an duh si a, an Man-chhan ni lem lo, thil ho lutuk, “Mipa thuamhnaw a inbel” tia Dâwta puh-in, Sorkar Court leh Kohhran Court Ţangrual chuan Mipui Sâ-hăwk chu hmanruaa hmangin an Hâl-hlum ta a ni!!! Hetah hian Kohhran chu a sulsutu ala ni zui!! He Thilthleng râpthlâk tak hi a lungchhiat thlâk tak zet zet a ni. Mahse, Kum 500 zet a liam hnu-ah chuan, Thiamlohchantir-a Hâl-hlumtu Kohhran ngei chuan “MITHIANGHLIM” (Saint)-ah a puang leh lawi si!!!  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kohhran Tih-Sual Râpthlâk - Part 1 (Kum 350 Hnu-ah Kohhran-in Ngaihdam A Dil Leh Si!!!)


Bible-in Israel fate chunga Thil-thleng a sawinaah, “Chung chu entirna turin an chungah a lo thleng a nih kha; keini, hun tawp lo thlenna-te hi, min zilhna turin an ziak a ni bawk a” a ti a (1Kor.10:6,11,Heb.4:11,2Pet.2:6). Kohhran Tih-sual Râpthlâk tak kha, Tunlai Kohhran tân leh Ringtu mimal tân Zir tur ţha tak kan neih phah ta a. Keini erawhchu Kohhran-in an lo Tih-sual anga tisual ve lo turin kan inbuatsaih a ngai dawn a ni. Kohhran Tih-sual kan ti nâ a, Kohhran hi amah-in a sual thei lova, a Hruaitu leh Enkawltu Mihring (Administrator) kha an pawimawh ber a. Chu Kohhran Hotu/Hruaitu hnuaia awm chu a nih avangin, Kohhran Hruaitu-in a tihsual a, a hruai-sual chuan, Kohhran kha a mualpho ta ţhin a ni.

Chuvangin, Hruaitu an sual a, ţha lo tak leh dik lo taka midangte an hruai a, an fuihpawrh chuan Kohhran-in Thil nasa tak a tisual thei a ni. Kohhran History hi Theological College-ah leh Sunday School-ah kan Zir a, kan Zirtir a, Upa leh Lehkhathiam chin chuan kan chhiar hnu leh kan hriat-sa a ni. He Kohhran Tih-sualah hian Kohhran tih-bik a awm lova, eng Kohhran pawh kan tel vek. A chhan chu hetih hunlai hian Kohhran Pakhatah kan la awm vek avangin keimahni tih a ni tel ve tho a ni. Kan Zir-chhuah atâna ţha ber leh kan Inngaihhruina erawhchu, “SULHNU ŢHA LO, HRIAT RENG TUR HNUTCHHIAH SUH ANG CHE” tih hi a ni.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Savawm-In Mi 42 A Seh-Hlum!!!


1. Thu Hawnna
2 Lalte 2:23-24-a kan hmuh angin, Zawlnei Eliza vâna hruaichhoh a nih hnu chuan, Elisa’n a ai awh-in rawngbawlna a chhunzawm țan a. Jeriko khuaa tui in tlâk loh a tih-thianghlim hnu-in, Bethel-ah Pathian be turin a chho ta a. Kawnga a kal lai chuan, mipa țhalai rualte chuan an lo nuihzat-in, an lo deuhsawh a, “Nang lukawlh-pa, han chho tawh, nang lukawlhpa han chho tawh” an lo ti a.  Elisa thinrim chuan țhalai rualho chu ânchhia a lawh a, chuveleh ram lam ațanga Savawmnu 2 lo chhuakin mi 42 lai mai an rawn seh  hlum ta mai a ni!  Zawlnei si, a thin a va chhe ve? kan ti mai thei. Ţhalai-ho țawngkamah hian thil inzep lian tak a awm a ni lo maw? tih hi ngaihtuah tham a awm a, kan zir-ho dawn a ni.

2. Lukawlh-Pa
Mizo Bible-ah, țhalai mipa-ho sawi nân hian, “naupang” a hmang a. Hei hi hriatsual palh a awl mai thei. Helai thu-ah hian, “naupang/țhalai” sawi nân hian Heb.getanaim na’arim, hman a ni a, hei hian mipa kum 15-30 a huam. 1Sam.16:11-13-a kan hmuh angin, Davida chu “naupang” (Heb.gatan) a ni a, Savawm leh Sakeibaknei-te bei tlâka tha nei rual a ni daih tawh a ni.
Ţhalai-ten Zawlnei Elisa an deuhsawhna țawngkam “lukawlh-pa” tih hi zirchian a țul khawp mai. Juda mipa-te hi a tlângpuiin, lusun vang tih lohvah chuan lu (sam) an met khât a, khabe hmul thlengin an zuah țhin. Tin, Juda-ten nâtna (hri)-a an hlauh ber leh Pathian ânchhia ang hiala an ngaih chu “phâr hri” (leprosy) hi a ni. Phâr nâtna hri-in a ken tel (affect) pakhat chu sam/hmul a tlakawlh vek țhin.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ringtu Dik Tak I Ni Chiah Em? In Enfiah Rawh Le (Golden Rules For Godly Living)


Kan Thupui Innghahna Exodus 23:1-9 thu hi a pawimawh êm êm a. A chhan chu hei hi a ni - Ringtu inti-te hian Pathian nen-a kan inkâr a ţhat leh ţhat loh Sawifiah turin Hmuhtheih-a Example kan pêk theih zinga chiang ber leh fiah ber chu kan “MIHRINGPUITE NEN-A KAN INKÂR ŢHAT LEH ŢHAT LOH” (our mutual relationship with fellow human beings) hi a ni. Hei hi Lal Isua’n chiang takin min hrilhfiah a, “Anmahni chu an rahah in hre mai ang. Hruihlingnei kungah grep rah an lo ngai em ni? Lenhlingah pawh theipui an lo ngai em ni? Chutiang bawkin thing tha apiang a rah tha thin a; thing chhia erawh chu a rah chhe ţhin. Thing ţha a rah chhe thei lo va, thing chhia lah a rah ţha thei hek lo. Chuvangin, anmahni chu an rahah in hre mai ang” tiin (Mat.7:16-20).

Mi chu thusawi thiam engang mahse, experience nei ţha engang mahse, Pathian thu rîl leh thûk te hre hnem engang mahse, Pathian faka lâm leh thilpekah tluk chi ni lo mahse, rawngbawlnaah dinhmun sâng leh ţha zawng zawng chelh kim vek mahsela, a nungchangin belhchian a dawl lova, a chenpui te, a rawngbawlpui te, pawnlam mite (kohhran dang leh ringlote) nena an inkârah thil fello a awm tlat chuan, Pathian nena an inzawmna pawh a ţha chuang hauh lovang tih hi thil chiang sa a ni.

Kan Thu khel tur hi Ringtute tâna Nun Duhawm, Midangte tâna Malsawmna Nun leh Nun-Chhenfâkawm a nih avângin “Ringtu Nun Rangkachak” (Golden Rules for Godly Living) tiin ka vuah a ni. Rules a tam deuh hlek a, Rules ţhenkhat chu kan kai-kawp mai ang a, a tawi zawnga chhui kan tum na a, a tawi thei vak lo. Mahni nun-ah ţheuh seng-lut ila, Ringtu dik tak i ni chiah em? tia Mahni in-zawtin ngaihtuahna seng zui zel bawk ila a ţha ang.

Bible-A Zu Rui Sualte- Part 2


Zu hi Israel fate nun-ah leh an Sakhaw thila bet tlat a nih avângin, Bible pawhin hian awmze nei takin a sawimawi ve thova (Gen.49:11-12, Ex.29:40, Numb.15:5-10,28:7-14, Deut.14:22-27,18:4, 33:28, Roreltu.9:13, 1Chro.9:29, Isaia 36:17, Ţah 2:12, Amosa 9:14). Amaherawhchu, Zu ţhatna leh ţhatlohna, a ţangkaina leh hlauhawmna-te chu Bible-in a sawi chiang hle thung.

Bible-a Zu Rui Sualte Part 1-a kan sawi tawh ang khân, ZU IN RINGAWT HI SUAL A NI LOVA, HMAN SUAL (ABUSE) ERAWHCHU SUAL LIAN TAK A TLING THEI THUNG A NI. Apostol Paula phei chuan, “ZU RUIH HMANGTEN PATHIAN RAM AN LUAH LOVANG” a lo ti tawp reng a ni (1Kor.5:11, 6:11, Gal.5:21). Hman sual (abuse) kan tih hian, Zu in lova awm thei tawh lo (addict) leh a ţha lo zawnga (thil sual tih nân-a) hman a huam thei ang.

Zu hi hriselna atâna hman ţangkai theih a ni. Kan Damdawi ei leh in tam takah hian “ZU”(alcohol) hi a tel deuh vek. Chuvangin, a tawk chauhva, Damdawi (hriselna) atâna hman hi Bible pawhin a phal a, “Tui chauh in mi ni tawh suh la, i pum avâng leh i dam loh fo avângin uain tlêm tê hmang ţhîn ang che” (1Timothea5:23) tiin, Apostol Paula meuh pawhin Pastor Timothea hnenah thurawn a pe hial a ni. Timothea te hunlai hian Zu hi Kristian-te chuan an hawisan hmiah a. Zu tlêm tel-na damdawi leh thil dang zawng zawngte kha an hnualsuat tawp a, an hriselna-in a tuar phah hial a. Hei hi hria-in Apostol Paula pawhin Ephesi Kohhran Pastor Timothea hnenah thurawn pe-in “ZU CHU DAMDAWI ATÂNA HMANG TURIN” a hrilh hial a ni.

Damdawi atân leh Hriselna atâna hman loh chuan, Zu hi hman sual a awl hle a ni ang. Bible-ah pawh Miropui tak tak-ten an buaipui a, an chhiat-phah thu a inziak nual tlat mai. BIBLE-A ZU RUI SUALTE-PART-1 ah khân kan sawi nual tawh a. Tunah hian Bible-a Zu rui sualte Chanchin tlêm kan chhui-zui leh dawn a ni.

Bible-a Zu Zui Sualte - Part 1


Vawiin January 15, 2015 aţangin Mizoramah Zu Khuahkhirhna Dân Thar, MLPC Act 2014 (The Mizoram Liquor Prohibition & Control Act, 2014) chu hman ţan a ni dawn ta a. Tunah hian Zu in leh lei thei tur Licence Dilna form chu pek chhuah mêk a ni a. Hemi hnu-ah chuan, Pathian thu-a kan hmuh angin “David, i chhûngkua ngaihtuah mai rawh," (2Chro.10:16) tih kha kan chan tur a ni dawn a, mahni Chhungkua ţheuh kan “Inven leh Inchhir” bâk chu tih-theih kan nei tlêm tawh hle ang.

Bible-in, “Thil engkim tih ka tân a thiang a, nimahsela thil engkim tih a ţha kher lo; thil engkim tih ka tân a thiang a, nimahsela eng bawihah mah ka inphal lo… Thil engkim tih a thiang a, nimahsela thil engkim tih a ţha kher lo. Thil engkim tih a thiang a, nimahsela thil engkim tihin mi a siam ţha lo” (1 Kor.6:12, 10:23) a tih avangin, Zu in ringawt hi sual a ni lova, “Zu in sual (hman sual/abuse) erawhchu sual lian tak a ni thei” tih hi a dik hle mai. Bible-ah hian Zu in vang ni lova, zu in sual (hman sual) avanga chanchin lungchhiat-thlâk tak tak min record sak nual a. Zir chhuah tur I tum teh ang u.

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